The Power of Touch

Touch, a simple word that we all can understand quickly. Whether it’s the touch of your hand petting your dog or cat’s fur, the brush of your ferret’s whiskers, the wet kiss they would un-expectantly swipe across your face, or the gentle nudge of their nose against your hand. These are just a few of the touch sensory movements that we have experienced with our pets. This gift of touch benefits both our pets and us.

After a long day at work, you come home exhausted and in need of some unwinding. Now is your time to sit, relax and try to regain some peace in your life. Your pet, the happiest living creature in your home has waited all day to see you again. Jumping into your lap, the feel of your pet’s soft fur brings instant comfort. The wet kisses dispel the day’s challenges and their wet cold nose digging into the crook of our neck. You are home and you are loved unconditionally.

Pet Collar - Remembering Our Pets

Though we tend to take for granted how much we are appreciated and loved by our pets. They show us every day how much they miss us, but yet quite often we forget…

We walk past them, or even worse, don’t acknowledge them, even telling them to stop. So let’s stop for a moment and think about how our pets touch us on a daily basis that offer instant happiness. My favorite is the kiss, sloppy, wet, and right across the face. The nudge of the nose under your arm, to say, “I’m here! I’m here!”  The cuddle next to you in bed, like putting on a heating blanket. The “you better be ready” jump into your arms when you walk in the door, as if they’ve been waiting an eternity for you to come home!

In return, all they want is the touch of your hand, the presence of you in the same room while they nap, and the gentle voice that speaks to them with love. So when we lose our pets it is a terrible and difficult loss. We try everything in our power to cope, to understand and to live with them gone.

What we really don’t think about is the great treasure we still hold; we still have their collar, their leash, their tags, their toys and lots of photographs. They may be gone but we can still touch a part of them, something that is well worn like their collar that may have a stain from a camping trip or a roll in the grass, maybe even sand from the beach. Your pet’s first ID tag, a puppy collar, so tiny and small, but yet irreplaceable items that you more than likely saved for years and couldn’t part with. Sure you try to give away their belongings but some things you can’t and that’s okay. These are treasures that can last a lifetime, and help you get through the rough patches. And what a tribute to them for this is a great way to keep them close to you.

Don’t be afraid to display their picture on your bookshelf with the rest of the family pictures! They were a huge part of your life, be proud to show them off. Find a way to display their toys, collar and tags in a way where you can still touch them. Just like you would display your mom’s favorite figurine or your dad’s well-worn fishing tackle with the trophy fish he caught with it! Memories should be shared with loved ones about loved ones.

Froodle’s Memory Box provides a way to hold their picture, collar and tags. It’s one of the newest ways to remember your pet. The Memory Box is a unique way to memorialize your pet for in your home. Professional, beautifully enhanced, retouched photograph of your pet enlarged with their name and placed in a Memory Box for you to add their collar, tags and other precious items. This Memory Box provides you with an opportunity to touch them again through their belongings like the collar, maybe a piece of their bed or blanket as well.

When you need a moment to stop and remember, their little treasures will bring comfort and allow you to go back to a time of happiness and good memories.  Friends and family will welcome the old stories of your furry friends.  In no time, you will all be laughing and smiling at what you remember.  So today start a new tradition by displaying their picture and belongings, telling stories of fun times gone by and celebrating the life you gave them and how much you loved them and still do.


Guest Article by:
Suzanne Anderson, Owner
Froodle (Pet Memory Boxes)
[email protected]