Pet loss: Five Positive Ways You Can Change After the Loss of a Pet

5 ways personal growth results from the grief of losing a dog

Dogs form incredible connections with their humans. It’s indescribable how much a dog can love its owner. A dog’s insatiable need to be close to and loved by their human is a mysterious and beautiful thing that’s been observed for centuries. 

The depth and strength of a relationship with a dog can be equal to that which occurs in close human relationships. Probably the most heartbreaking truth about this companionship is that in nearly all cases, the dog is going to pass away long before the owner does. Therefore, no matter how much someone loves their dog, a day will likely come when their loss must be dealt with. 

Inevitably, every dog owner will need to go through this harsh reality at some point. When man loses his best friend, there is a painful grieving period that could be as long-lasting as that of a human loss. Sadly, society often fails to recognize the sheer impact that the grief that comes from losing a dog is able to create, and many people will have to face this bereavement without much support. The following are five ways in which the grief of losing a dog can lead to personal growth.

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