My Dog Died: 8 Tips to Cope with your Loss

The loss of a dog can be a very devastating event for lots of people. Only those who have spent years taking care of their dogs and who love them dearly can understand how big a loss this is. After losing your dog you are supposed to feel remorse, grief, and all those other bad feelings associated with pet loss.

However, what we need to understand is that in all such cases – no matter what the source of the loss is – the best strategy is to accept what has happened, endure the pain, and find a way to move on.

Why? Because we are not left with any other option. Remember, moving on doesn’t mean that you’re forgetting about your pet, but that you’re learning to live happily again (just as they would want you to).

My Dog Died: Cope With Your Loss

Getting over the loss is important and required. A few simple tips given below will help you in handling your emotions and moving on.

1. Understand the Grief

The first thing you need to know is that it is okay to be grieved. Some people might think of this as an overreaction, considering it to be just the death of ‘an animal’. Those people have no idea what your feelings are. Do not let anyone guide your feelings. It is okay to mourn, remember, and think about your dog. Your lost pet deserves this much from you.

2. Talk to People

Try talking to people about your grief, especially the ones in your family and those who have gone or are going through the same state. Such people will understand your feelings better, and talking to them will make you feel light. Do not keep your feelings and words caged into your heart.

3. Stay Connected to Your Friends

Do not get locked up in your home. Try keeping your social life at the same pace. Talk to your friends, even about your loss if that can make you feel better. Friends can help you get over this state in a better manner.

4. Seek Professional Help

If you are unable to cope with the loss, you should not feel ashamed in seeking professional help. Look for some people who can help you deal with the loss. The professionals are always there for you, to guide you through the grief and make you feel better.

5. Take Care of Other Pets

If you have any other pets, do not let this event make you negligent about them. All your other pets are alive and they want your attention. Yes, they will be grieved for the loss themselves. Give them the time and care they demand. This will also help you in dealing with the loss.

6. Play With Other Dogs

While owning your dog you might have become friends with other dog owners. Or maybe you’ve just always had friends or family who also own dogs. This tip goes hand in hand with talking to your friends. Don’t be shy to let them know about the loss you’re going through – as dog owners themselves, there’s no one better to understand. See if you can go over, spend some time with your friend and his or her dog, or take the dog to the park and go play. It will help you to take your mind off of things and find joy in giving love to animals.

7. Remember Your Dog

It is neither childish nor a shameful act to keep memorials for your lost dog. Some people – those who are not pet-lovers – might think of this as an overreaction. Do not let these thoughts make you forget your dog. Remember your dog in any way you find it better.

8. Find Joy in Life

Life is all about losses and gains. Losing your dog is a big grief, but that does not mean that you are deprived of all the joys of life. Try to live your life by finding small sources of joy. Help yourself into happy moments. Think better. Stay lively.