10 Pet Loss Quotes to Read, Remember, and Share

A pet is truly your best friend. It doesn’t matter if your pet has wings, paws, or lives in a small tank; as long as you love that little buddy of yours, you know how much it means to you.

I personally know someone who couldn’t eat his food properly after the death of his chameleon; he mourned for more than four days and even after that, it took him almost a month to completely get out of the trauma. To some people it may seem silly, but to anyone who has owned and lost a pet, we can sympathize for how he felt.

Pet Loss Quotes to Read, Remember, and Share

Sympathizing with others, even if it’s as simple as reading over positive pet loss quotes, can be a very healing way to deal with the pain of losing a pet.

If you yourself have lost a pet or have a friend who has lost his pet, here are a few quotes that you must read, remember, and share with those who would appreciate it:

1. “He was not ‘bought’, he was ‘adopted’”

This is one of my favorite pet loss quotes. For all those who considered their pets more than mere animals – we bring our pets into our family, they aren’t just store products.

2. “Over the time, we learn that we never teach anything to our pets; in fact, they teach us love and patience”:

Isn’t it true that your pet teaches you the meaning of patience?

3. “My four legged friend was the only best friend I ever had”

If your friend never had a best friend other than his pet, this is surely for him or her.

4. “They never leave us; their paw prints are always on our heart”

Our little buddies fill the surface of our heart with their paw prints. Even though we can’t keep our pets with us forever, nothing can take those memories away from us.

5. “No matter how many pets I adopt after you, there will always be a part of you in each one of them”

This is an important one for animal lovers to learn. With so much love to give, we should continue to show it to other animals if we can muster up the courage to do so. Isn’t that what our little friends would want?

6. “Your pet has not left you; he has just physically departed”

Your pet is always next to you: in your mind and your heart.

7. “I didn’t adopt my pet; I was chosen to nurture him all his life, and mine”

There are a few people who believe their pets choose them and not the other way around, or that fate had a hand in play. Who said soulmates existed for just people?

8. “I didn’t lose a pet; I lost the best friend I ever had”

Losing a pet can be equivalent to losing your best friend. Maybe you’re here trying to support a friend, or you have people around you who don’t understand. It’s important to know this.

9. “Whenever you miss him, look in the sky at night; he is the brightest star in the sky”

He or she is always there in the sky. We’ll meet them again one day, just across the Rainbow Bridge.

10. “Death may have taken him away, but it can never take the memories away from your heart”:

Your pet never leaves your heart. Never.