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Customer Testimonials

Delighted Customers

Here are just a few of the comments that customers have sent to us, completely unsolicited.  Feel free to send us your own comments.  We'd love to hear from you!

"This site is amazing, it is exactly what we needed at this terribly sad time. Thank you."
J. Smith
New York, New York
"Beautiful idea for a site. It has helped me get through another day in this awful process of grieving the loss. Thank You."
D. Cea
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
"What a wonderful way to help pet lovers feel relief... Thanks."
L. Ippolito
Boca Raton, Florida
"Thank you all so very much for creating this website! I found it to be such a helpful part of the healing and grieving process for my whole family. I have a friend who will unfortunately be forced to put his dog to sleep soon, and I am going to recommend it to him as a way to help his small children get though the hard time. Your website is extremely well done and easy to use. This is such a wonderful idea."
L. Miller
Baltimore, Maryland
"Thank you SO much for this site. It helped me to grieve, to have a public place to share my thoughts and feelings. You are doing a special thing by having this site for us.."
"Thank you for your site. It truly is an invaluable service: grief for lost pets can be just as bad as grief for lost people."
K. Forrette
Wilmington, Delaware
"I made a memorial on your website and my whole family appreciated it very much. They shared their memories and pictures online, and it helped them cope with our great loss"
J. Fasulo
Brooklyn, New York
"We want to say... God bless you and thank you for offering such a wonderful gift as to allow people who are grieving so bad to have a wonderful site to put a memorial on. You are doing a wonderful thing!!!! Again, we thank you with our hearts."
C. & L. Diggs
Smith Mt Lake, Virginia
"I would like to commend you on such a wonderful web site. First of all, this is the one and only web site I have ever seen that said it was free and was actually free. That will get people to donate and/or add more time and space to the site. Also, I think it is a great thing to be able to make tribute to a lost loved one. I will definitely tell everyone I know about this web site. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for having such big hearts to care enough to allow people all over the world to do this. May God Bless you! With Highest Respect and Thanks,"
L. Gahan
Irving, Texas
"A good service. I'll tell people about this."
P. Jacot
North York, Ontario
"I love your site. I have been looking for a site just like this... Thanks and keep up the great work."
Columbus, Ohio
"I really thank God for you letting people do this. I know it gave me peace of mind... thank you so much for what you have done. God will really bless you a lot."
Toledo, Ohio
"Today during the recent loss of my cat I found this site and with the pain too fresh, I was unable to concentrate enough to get my memorial completed, one of your help techs created my account for me to allow me to complete it when I was ready! Thank you so much... I will be recommending this site to friends and family members."
Alice C.
Ontario, Canada
"Thank you for your assistance and thank you as well for a most appreciated site."
J. Ma'ly
Chicago, Illinois
"(your site) has been a source of great comfort to me…"
B. Waldman
Brooklyn, New York
"I just wanted to let you know how nice it is to have someplace to express my feelings on this extremely hard and terrible day. You've put together a very nice web site, and I do intend to make a donation in a day or two when I'm feeling a bit better. It's obvious that you folks know just how it feels to lose a pet that means so very much to you, and I thank you."
K. Christmas
Ontario, Canada
"Thanks for this Wonderful site. Being able to share a little of Shelly's life is so rewarding. May God Bless you."
L. Tilley
Blairs, Virginia
"Wow, Thank you for such a prompt reply!! All organizations should operate that well."
B. Jepson
Grand Rapids, Michigan
"Thank you very much. I love your support and customer service. Thank you again."
A. Bahador
Gaithersburg, Maryland
"I can't thank you enough for all your help with Sadie's memorial. If it wasn't for you, I never would have finished it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love,"
S. Gaber
Metairie, Louisiana
"Thank you for your help this is a nice site. I would recommend it to others. Thank you."
G. L. Burghduff
Kalispell, Montana
"Thank you for your help... I appreciate your promptness. Many thanks. I think your services are GREAT."
D. Oringer
Brewster, Massachusetts
"We both loved this site and found it comforting to come here and leave our dog a message... What a wonderful idea!!! Thank you so much."
S. & D. Young
Oshawa, Ontario
"I'm very impressed with your service. It's very well organized and planned out. Thank you."
K.. Weddle
Independence, Missouri
"Thank you for putting up such a wonderful site!"
Catherine P.
Pipestone, Minnesota
"Thank you once again for your prompt response and most definitely your customer service and support. I certainly appreciate all you have done on behalf of my wife and I. Best wishes and thank you once again."
W. Majaralie
Petawawa, Ontario
"This memorial site is wonderful. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it."
Ginny A.
Los Angeles, California
"Your web site is a blessing... it somehow helped me deal with the loss of my dog.... thank you very much."
J. Angelica
New Fairfield, Connecticut
"I just want to let you know that you site was exactly what I was looking for to pay a tribute to my wonderful girl that went to the other side. Everyone that has visited has had wonderful things to say and I just wanted to thank you for offering such a wonderful and well put together service."
S. Wright
Flower Mound, Texas
"I love your website. It sometimes feels as though more people don't understand the sadness that can be associated with the loss of a pet friend than do understand. Except for immediate family I felt I was in a world of pet grief all by myself. Your website has helped me see that my grief is nothing to be ashamed of and completely normal for those of us who loved our pets so much and are sad that they're gone. Thank you."
"I lost my beloved doxie less than a week ago. My grief has been so overwhelming, and your website has been a source of comfort for me and my family. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to put down into words what my sweet little girl has meant to me, and for allowing friends and family to be able to read my emotions and empathize with me. You must be very wonderful people to devote your time and energies to providing this treasured service. It has also been so helpful to read other beautiful memorials written on your site, to know that I am not going through this horrible time alone. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
S. Schneider
Boca Raton, Florida
"You have been so helpful and so has your website!!! Thanx again!!"
J. Forbes
San Diego, California
"How lucky I was to find your site. I had just got the devastating news from our vet about our dog's cancer. That evening, while on line searching sites on canine cancer, I came across your site. Once I navigated, I knew immediately that our dog deserved to be honored on your site. A few days later we put our dog down and we immediately started our tribute to him by getting a website for him. Your site has enabled my children to process and grieve the loss of "the family dog". We have added pictures, poems and tributes, and the girl's friends, who also grew up with our dog can also read the page and add their thoughts! Thank you for such a wonderful site."
R. Jones
Camarillo, California
"Thank you so very much... I am just so heartbroken over the loss of my dog. Thank you for having this web site available. To some people it may mean very little but to me, it means a lot. THANK YOU."
K. Joiner
Deltona, Florida
"I must say 'Thank you' from the bottom of my heart. I have just lost my first cat and I'm having difficulty accepting this more than I expected. Making a memorial for Fletch has helped me. Thank you, thank you."
S. Jenkins
Leander, Texas
"When my dog Lou died two weeks ago I found your site & I come back often because it helps. This site has helped ease the pain. 'Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.' ~ Anatole France"
R. Cawley
Great Britain
"I want to thank you for having this special web site. It has help me and a lot of other people with our grieving."
S. Rivera
El Paso, Texas
"Thank you very much indeed for maintaining such a beautiful Web Site to enable me to place pictures of our dearly beloved Arabic cat Whisky. It has been a great comfort to me, although I am still deeply distressed by his very sudden death... God Bless You All."
E. A. Scott
Bristol, North Somerset, United Kingdom
"I am raw with pain since my dog died yesterday. Your site allowed me to channel that pain through writing and remembering. I've spent six hours now, and that's six less hours that I have to find something to do besides cry. Thank you SO much for being here. I think it's really neat to have a place where friends can come... without me having to create my own website or sending a message that's too large to download. The best part is helping me get through the pain by acknowledging it, not repressing it. Thank you!"
P. Crichton
Petoskey, Michigan
"WONDERFUL WEBSITE.  I lost my dog 'Drake'...  It is nice to know that there is a place that you can pay tribute to your best friend."
C. Cooper
Osceola, Arizona
"I think it was a wonderful idea to set up a site like this; my nan and granddad lost their dog sadly back in January and I made up a memorial for them as a surprise to try and cheer them up, so once again thank you!"
United Kingdom
"Thank you, so very much, for e-mailing me so quickly... and for sending those truly beautiful poems... as I read, and re-read them, the tears running down my face, I was mourning my beloved Cookie'le, all over again... thank you for what you do... thank you for ALL you do... sincerely, and very gratefully yours."
San Francisco, California
"I have sent you this email as a way of saying thank you for setting up this website. I lost my pet dog Prince... he was my best friend and I loved him more than anyone will ever know and even though as long as I live I will never forget him I just wanted everyone else to know how special he was to me so thank you. It is very comforting to know that someone else cares about the life of animals."
J. Bennett
Ballysaggart, Ireland
"This web site is wonderful. Great to know that others feel the same way I do in losing my wonderful pet and my best friend.  God bless you all there.  It really helps to keep the memories alive."
J. Gibson
Danville, Virginia
"I really like your memorial for pets, I created one for my baby I just lost. It helps with the healing of the heart... thank you again, I do love your site!"
A. Sears
Homer, Georgia
"I just wanted to say thank you for this website and for allowing people to create memorials to the beloved pets that they have lost. It meant so much to me today as I made a tribute to my precious baby. I now have a place where I can ask my family and friends to go and see my little a bragging place! So, again, thank you from the bottom of my heart."
K. Smith
Toronto, Ontario
"I lost one of the best friends I have ever known last evening. When I found this website this morning, it was such a wonderful feeling to put into words what my heart feels. Thank you! Blessings!"
S. Berman
Tampa, Florida
"I stumbled onto your website, and I am glad I did! Thank you for giving us a place to share our beloved fur babies in a memorial website. It helps me during my grief, and I am sure it must help others too."
D. Eacret
McKinleyville, California
"It's so wonderful that you have this website. For some of us, our pets are like our family, so it's nice that they are respected and can be honored because of people like you."
L. & S. Martin
Visalia, California
"I just want to let you know what a wonderful site you have created. It has truly made me feel better while I was creating and looking at my sweet dog's memorial. Blessings."
M. Zimmerman
Pickerington, Ohio
"You have been a God-send! Thank you so much for letting me tell and vent for my loss! I dearly miss her... Thank you for being a pillow that I can rest my conscience on."
P. Winslow
Dallas, Texas
"Let me just take a quick moment to tell you how wonderful I think your site is... it has meant a lot to me to be able to still see my boy up there and I'm sure it brings much joy and comfort to many other people. Bless you."
K. Dara
Scottsville, Virginia
"Thanks so much for a way of expressing my grief for my beloved cat Lola. Many people say sorry but I found that expressing my feelings through your website far deeper and emotional and it helped. Love and peace to all."
S. Hine
Pickering, United Kingdom
"My deepest appreciation to those that created and maintain When I lost my beloved Jake just 2 days ago, I sincerely had no idea how I was going to go on with my life. It is my belief that God's Grace lead me to this incredible website and allowed me the ability to create a Memorial for my Best Friend.  Creating his Memorial allowed me to Honor Jake's life and to celebrate the Love and Joy that he brought to my life. It allowed me to express my deep pain and sorrow for my loss. Somehow, the process of creating his Memorial began my Healing Process. Most importantly, it gave me a way to share my loss with the most important people in my life, my dear friends and family who also loved Jake. Their emails and posted notes have been such a Blessing and so much comfort to me.... I truly cannot express my most sincere gratitude to all of the wonderful people at  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
M. Sparks
Coronado, California
"Thank you so much for enabling me to leave a memorial to 'my little boy'. I have just been so upset that he has died as he has left such a huge hole in life. It is nice to be able to put my thoughts somewhere."
P. Whicker
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
"Thank you so much for providing me an outlet for my grief.  Also, Bandit's memorial came to the attention of a local news channel, who through you contacted me about a story on the cause of his passing (improperly prescribed Rimadyl).  This alone may have saved some others from suffering the same fate.  Keep up the good work!"
D. Dost
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Thank you for allowing God to use you. Your site was an answer to a prayer. Thank you for realizing the importance of memorializing a "furry" loved one. God Bless."
B.S. Morgan
Macon, Georgia
"I just lost my best friend in the world and I wanted to tell you how much it means to me to have put Yoda's memorial on this site. You will never know how much it has helped me through this difficult time and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart."
M. Payne
Delta, British Columbia
"This is a wonderful web site. I cried all the way through while I was setting up my memorial to Callie, but that's good. Friends and family have been very supportive through this difficult time."
L. Muia
Toronto, Ontario
"You're amazing!! Thank you so much! I look at Molly's memorial quite often. Thank you for doing this for me and for having this site for me and others. May God truly bless you!"
M. Smith
Springfield, Illinois
"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me an outlet to express some of my sadness & also my cherished memories of my boy, "Bandit". I came across your website at a time when I needed it most. It is a wonderful thing that you do. I hope you understand how many people your website has helped to comfort and continues to do so on a daily basis. I'm not really able to put into words how much this site has helped me to deal with my heartbreaking loss and how wonderful I think you guys are for helping myself and so many others to do so. Many Thanks to you all and God Bless!"
K. Frahn
Chestnut Ridge, New York
"This is a great service which provides an excellent way for those who have lost beloved pets to create a memorial in their honour. It is therapeutic writing verses, poems etc and also good to read others memorials. It is good to know that one is not alone in mourning for a beloved pet who, after all is a member of the family. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. God Bless you all."
L. Procter
Leeds, United Kingdom
"I lost the most precious gift in my life 10wks ago, my little dog Pippy. I feel as though my heart is broken and it's a struggle living my life without him, but if anything helps a bit then it is coming on your site and reading my tribute to him, and other people's tributes and poems. You have helped me to understand that it's normal to grieve for a pet, as people around me can't understand why I feel the way I do. Thank you so much for your site."
L. Green
Norfolk, Great Britan
"I would like to thank you all at for the caring nature you showed me in my time of need. I am currently suffering terrible grief over the loss of Ben, and you have helped me thru this by allowing me to create a memorial in his name. Thank you all again and God bless you all."
D. Barrett
Wales, United Kingdom
"I would like to thank you for having this site. It does help with the grieving process and this is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my whole entire life. I feel like my heart has been ripped out and stepped on by a million people and I can't do anything to make this feeling go away, but your site helps ease my pain... thank you."
M. Paiva
Wallingford, Connecticut
"I would like to say thank you and God bless for a site that understands the true love that we felt for our little loved ones. It brings me comfort to know that there are others who suffer the feelings of losing their best friend as I did. Some people think"why would you cry over a dog"? But, some people just don't understand the way that your animals love and depend on us as a child would. They have feelings as we do. So, thanks so so much & God bless you for this site. And God bless all the animal lovers on this site who lost their loved ones as well. God bless you all."
L. Alvarez
San Bern, California
"What a wonderful service you provide. Although I grieve daily for my beautiful Thor, creating a tribute to him on your website helped my heart so much through this sadness."
A. Miller
Kingsville, Maryland
"Thank-You SO MUCH! I needed to grieve and I live in a new State. This was the only place to write my feelings. You have a great service."
K. Beil
Cave Junction, Oregon
"This beautiful tribute site not only allowed me to express my thoughts and memories, it also allowed me to connect with others who are experiencing similar pain. Thank you for providing this meaningful outlet."
A. Rupra
Mississauga, Ontario
"I love this site... I like what you did with it and I think it can bring a lot of people closer. I know it helped me out a lot. Thank you."
"Your site is a god-send. I finally am starting to feel a sense of closure and ability to see what actually was and was beautiful, instead of regret over what I could have done differently. Rather than a regular funeral, which has its own merits, allowed me to visually share my personal experience with others touched by pet loss, and anyone anywhere who I sent this link to. Thank-you 100 times over! I want to renew this service for the specified fee when my free trial ends. Honoring Tucker is well worth it."
G. Pembroke
Nanaimo, British Columbia
"I think your web site is fabulous! Entering my kitty angels to it was very helpful to me. I had two cats pass away within the past year and a half. I did scrap books to memorialize them, scanned pictures to hang on my walls and even scanned in a collage for my computer. Your web site also helps me to deal with the grieving process as I feel a connection with other people when I read their memorials. I see they feel like I do. Cats and dogs are our special friends and babies and when they leave us, it hurts terribly. A world without cats and dogs would be an empty world. I am so glad I found your site!"
B. Sutcliffe
College Park, Maryland
"Your website was a great therapy for me after the fairly sudden loss of my cat. Though my friends and family have been through it before, losing a pet is like living in a parallel universe for a while. It was comforting to find your site and feel the common mourning of all your other subscribers. I commend you and thank you."
"Thank you for this site. What a wonderful, kind thing to do for all the folks grieving for their animals that have gone to heaven."
S. Gunn
Ramona, California
"Thanks for providing a web site for all us grieving pet owners to leave a memorial to our best friends. Pets mean so much to those of us who love them."
"Thank you for all your help with my COCO's memorial. I really appreciate it so much. I love the site, and the fact that I can have a memorial for the sweetest dog that ever lived for all to see, makes me feel good. The money spent is going to a good cause, and worth so much to all the families that are able to give tribute to their animals that gave so much to them. Thanks again, from me, my family, and Coco!"
Joanne W.
Henderson, Nevada
"I think your web site is fantastic. I only came across it when I was looking for some counseling when my babes passed away-I'm glad I did. I feel like I can keep in touch with her through your web site and that is such a comfort to me. You are doing a wonderful job here, I cannot thank you enough."
L. Crombie
Fife, Scotland
"I just lost my dear pet cat and am having a hard time with the loss. This website really helps me honor the special bond I had with my pet. Thank you."
"I can't thank you enough for creating this website. It is a great way to connect to people who are going through the same thing."
K. Elliott
Houston, Texas
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for creating such a wonderful site. The memorial for my dog Jordy is helping me heal during this very difficult time."
Gina S.
New York, NY
"This site is a great idea. Very sweet and a little nudge in helping us get over our loss. Thanks a lot."
S. Pallen
Oakwood, Enfield, United Kingdom
"This site is so great, helps ease the pain a little when losing a loving member of the family. It's so nice that you can keep coming back and looking and adding more. Actually its wonderful!"
N. Shero
Altoona, Pennsylvania
"Thank you for this wonderful website. It helped me get thru some of the darkest days of my life after I lost my Cocoa. It's a wonderful way to pay tribute to our beloved pets. Thanks again!"
C. Easley
Osceola, Arizona
"Thank you for giving us a placed to remember our furry baby. Much appreciated and keep up this wonderful place on the net where people who love their animals can say goodbye. Thank you."
L. Wright
Kloof, South Africa
"Your site is a source of great comfort to me ... when I am working at my computer I 'say hello' to my Sara .. it makes me feel she is still close to me. Thank you so much."
N. Brown
Sydney, Australia
"Thank you, finding a safe home for our darling Sam's (Samurai) memorial is helping us. While we will never come to terms with this loss we can now visit him on line each day. This along with memories, his photo albums, movies and personal effects keeps him alive in us but the online memorial helps us to share him with others around the world. Again,Thank you."
T. & S. Quinlan
Adelaide, Australia
"I think it is wonderful for us pet owners to be able to memorialize our beloved pets to aid in the healing process. Thank you!"
L. Lupyan
Derry, Pennsylvania
"This site has provided so much comfort for me. The fact that perfect strangers, are such lovely people that they want to take the time to let you know they care helps. I'm so glad I found this place, what a valuable site. Thank you..."
J. Gault
Scotland, UK
"This is a lovely way to remember our loved pets and to help with the grieving process . It is also a beautiful way to show how much our pets meant to us. I would like to thank you for your help and support and your site being so caring. A big thank you."
G. Baker
London, UK
"I can only say thank you for your website. I contemplated writing a journal to express how I was feeling about Cashew's death but couldn't express how much I miss her on paper... Thank you again, I think it is a great idea."
J. Fleming
Willow Springs, Illinois
"Thank you for this wonderful website... I think it has saved me from going insane over the last 8 months since my Chilly passed away... I see today that you have added quite a few new flowers to the selection...well done!"
M. Wathier
Nords Wharf, Australia
"Thank you for your site, it's just so wonderful to see and be comfortable with everybody who myself truly loved their pets, such a great loss for us to lose ours too and seeing this makes a big relief.. Thank you so much."
Bernadine M.
"Thank you so much!! This site has been very good 'therapy' in the recent loss of our beloved family member "Jake". Sending out the URL has been much easier than explanations, when it is still so hard to talk about our loss. What better way to tell the world how much we loved him, and how he will be missed!! Again, Thank You!!"
B. Schurman
Huntington, West Virginia
"I have just found your site thanks to my daughter and, unfortunately, due to the loss of a friend's dear old companion. Thank you for providing a place to express how sad we all feel when a dear pet dies. I am an R.N. and I know after 25 years of patient care in a hospital, that countless patients grieve and worry about their pets at home. It is a large part of the human condition and needs to be seriously considered and always respected. Thank you."
S. Rabone
Alta Loma, California
"I just want to say thank you. This is a great web site... it does help to create memorials for our pets and have others view them. My cat peaches passed away on Nov 2, 2006. I had her for almost 17 years and I visit her memorial site every day. It is bringing me some comfort, I just wanted to say thank you!"
A. Burek
Westfield, Massachusetts
"Thank you so much for this site. It's so nice to see a site that cares about animals as much as us, the owners care about our pets."
C. Costello
Tamaroa, Illinois
"I think your website is great. I find that being able to express our feelings and upload photos helps deal with the pain. A lot of people don't realize that losing a pet is just like losing a member of the family. Keep up the good work!"
D. Millis
Kamloops, British Columbia
"I was totally shattered as I had to put down my 2 beautiful friends honey and sunny. honey was old and ailing and sunny suddenly developed cancer and was asked to be put down. I was feeling so guilty and just did not know how to walk thru life without my babies and I stumbled on to your site. I have no words to thank people like u who understand how much it hurts to lose our four legged friends. Your site proved to be an outlet for my emotions and I also learnt that so many are like us who value animals' lives too. God Bless All of u all at Indeed it is apt to honor nature's noblest creations our pets. May all the ailing pets be healed and may all the wounded hearts be healed. Bless u all once again."
F. & R. Kapadia
Nargol, Gujarat, India
"Having an on-line memorial allowed me to share my loss and more importantly, begin to heal. I'll forever miss my beloved Loki, but knowing our friends and family, who also adored him, will enjoy this memorial and it has added comfort to everyone. It's hard to speak with a lump in your throat and this website has allowed to express my grief with dignity."
J. Satre
San Jose, California
"I think you do a wonderful service to those of us who have lost pets. It gives us a chance to grieve with those who truly understand what it is like to lose a cherished pet. It gives us a chance to share our grief with those around the world who love their pets as much as we do. THANK YOU for your service!"
L. Montrose
Frankston, Texas
"I thank you for your 1 month free memorial and it has given me a real feeling of saying goodbye to a dearly loved pet in horrendous circumstances, we now have a new yorkie pup and the healing process will be long but with your site's help I couldn't have started that process. Thank you thank you thank you oh so much and what a great site."
J. O'Neil
Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, United Kingdom
"First of all, I thank the Lord you were here for my sister. She has told me how much help this site has provided, and she is doing better in dealing with her grief due to the loss of her pet dog. And, although I only joined the site to add a message to the memorial my sister set up, I browsed around a bit. I cannot find the words to describe how well-constructed this site is, how useful the information is, how easy it is to navigate, etc. - it brought a sense of relief and comfort right from the start - very important for those dealing with the loss. A+++ in all regards! Thank you so much and God Bless you all!"
C. White
Grand Rapids, Michigan
"Thank you so much for your wonderful website. I have been though trying times and felt much comfort finding this site. I put my pet's memorial on here and will cherish it. I have also found some valuable resources; books, jewelry, urns, etc. I will spread the word about your site."
D. Biondi
Branford, Connecticut
"Hi - Your web site is WONDERFUL. It has helped me "heal" 4 yrs. ago, at the passing of my cat, Tret Fure (still on your web site, maybe FOREVER !!!!), and recently, at passing of our mini schnauzer , Reba. Vivian, in particular is a DEAR, KIND, HELPFUL wonderful woman!!! She has been helping this senior citizen (again), with limited computer skills. YOU ALL ARE GREAT!!! I recommend you to all of my pet owners!!! Thank you so much!!"
C. Hoffman
Lapeer, Michigan
"Your web site is an excellent way of expressing our love for all types of animals. You help us heal the pain by being able to do a memorial for our beloved pets. People who don't have the same love of animals are unable to understand the grief that we go through when we we lose a beloved pet. Often we can't talk about it. However your web site gives us the chance to express to others (who do feel the same way) our feelings and to give comfort to each other by leaving a message of condolence. I hope your web site will always be there for us. Many thanks for this. God Bless."
E. Pearcey
Gulmarrad, Australia
"I want to thank you for the opportunity to set up a memorial site for my son's special cat and loyal family member for 19 years. My son has Down Syndrome with Autism Spectrum disorder. This site has been a way for him to work through some of the emotional pain, as he cannot express his feelings verbally as the rest of us do. He wants to look at Kiki's memorial page several times daily and gets so excited when I read to him the nice things people have written. This has been extremely healing for both of us...but one of the ONLY outlets for my son. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!"
R. Lundeen
Tucson, Arizona
"It is really incredible to find that in this strife-stricken world, there are people like you who care so much even for departed pets. The world is not totally devoid of good people. My sincere reverence to you all."
R. Sharma
"Thank you so much for giving us a place to show how special "Rolley" was and how much he was loved! This is a great website and I will pass it on. Thanks!"
M. Fernandez
Glen Burnie, Maryland
"Sorry it's taken so long to thank you for this wonderful site, but I was unaware I could leave a message about it. It has been such a huge help in coping with Phoebes passing last June being able to communicate, through the site, with people going through the exactly same loss as myself. Thank you again for the help with the photo of Phoebe."
T. O'Neill
Dublin, Ireland
"This site is absolutely wonderful and I was so happy to be able to create a memorial for my baby Sox. I will most definitely be purchasing more time for my memorial and handing out the web address to my friends... your prices are reasonable and I plan on adding to his memorial very soon. Thank you for your wonderful service."
M. Erisman
Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
"Thank you so much for creating a website dedicated to the memory of beloved pets. I have never seen anything like this before and I am so grateful that this website has been created. It gives people a chance from all around the world to show how much their beloved pet means to them and the grief of losing them it has caused. God Bless you for this website all the way from Ireland."
C. Dunlop
Banbridge, Northern Ireland
"Thank you for offering this service to grieving pet owners. Being able to write my memorial really helped me get through my loss. Although I break down like it happened yesterday whenever I read the memorial, it helps me keep his memory alive."
B. Carman
Dunnellon, Florida
"Thank you for this site. It is giving me much needed closure. You are doing a beautiful thing. Thank you so much!"
S. Gamboa
Houston, Texas
"Thank You for providing these pages for us to show how much our departed family members meant to us. The page is easy to design and is easy to update and make changes to. I hope enough people continue to purchase, and update their memorials to help keep the service online."
F. Falkowski
McDonald, Tennessee
"This is such a nice site to memoralize our pets. At a time when any kind of comfort is welcomed, it's nice to have a place to speak our heart."
B. O'Connell


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