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Born:February 15, 2005
Died:June 24, 2020
Stasi (or La Stasi, according to her grandfather) was without doubt the sweetest rabbit to ever live. 
She loved people without restriction and bestowed her loving bunny kisses on everyone, even her doctors. Her gentle soul permeated her entire environment and brought peace to all in her company.
She was, of course, also a bit of a pest at times. She required extra tall fences in her enclosure because she would invent wily strategies to jump over the typical fences. She also had a penchant for chewing up the wires of the most expensive equipment. When Stasi chose to chew up a curtain, book, or carpet, she did so with gusto. If she could chew through a carpet she would then make it through to the floor boards. She was a deconstructivist of the highest order.
She had a very sweet tooth. She could be convinced to consume almost any medicine as long as it had a cherry flavor; however, she would often chew up the administering syringe as well in her excitement. Stasi loved all sorts of produce including cilantro, apples, and dandelion leaves. She preferred a mixed berry ice cream.
Stasi spent 10 of her 15 years with her hairy bondmate Sheridan ( As a Dutch/Rex breed mix, Stasi was the dominant rabbit. However she often let Sheridan think otherwise by providing ample mutual grooming experiences. It was always very amusing to watch Stasi kindly lick Sheridan's eyeballs for her. They were well-suited for each other and brought each other a lot of joy and happiness.
Stasi spent her last three years alone after Sheridan died. After one tough year of mourning, she moved gracefully into her elderbun years. Despite various medical challenges, Stasi maintained her upbeat and kind personality. I moved her into my bedroom to keep an eye on her. We spent many evenings relaxing together, watching TV or listening to music. I am beyond grateful that I was able to spend extra time with her these last few months during the pandemic.
Both Stasi and I hoped she would make it to 16 years old and enter the realm of the Guinness World Records. Unfortunately that was not to be. I am proud to say that Stasi did make it to 15 years and 4 months!!
Perhaps you have a memory of Stasi that you would like to share. Please do so on this site! And remember to click on "view all photos" to see the excessive number of photos I took the time to upload.
As many of you know, it is my greatest wish to continue adopting rabbits from the humane society and caring for them. I feel very passionate about this. As a renter, this means I will need to buy a new edible carpet first (est. $600-900) as well as some other items. For those of you that mentioned that you'd like to donate to this cause please visit my GoFundMe site at

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Personal Notes

Dearest Stasi, It has been just under a week without you. I miss you in all of my daily activities, from waking up to you demanding breakfast to the sounds of you keeping me up at night chewing your basket. My heart aches when I think of you and I am finding it difficult to look at things that remind me of your sweet soul. I am keeping busy in the hopes that being distracted will help. It is my fondest hope that you are back with Sheridan and together chewing up the wires of the afterlife. Don't forget about me; I'll need you to greet me when I cross the bridge and show me where to go. Even then, I will be lost without you. I love you darling Stasi... I'm sending you all my love and affection and endless ear strokes and treats! By the way, the cilantro in the garden has finally grown enough to eat, too late for you, but every time I eat it I will think of you. Goodbye my sweetest, darling Stasi, may you be at peace and joy from now on!
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Hi Annie,

Just a quick note to express my condolences for the loss of your rabbit Stasi and to let you know you are often in my thoughts. Emiel and Julie are also sorry for what has happened. I too lost my rabbit, Smokey, and it was hard so I can relate. Take care bestie. Your friend, Aprelle.

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It’s 6:11

Please stop all the chatter
Miss Stasi shouldn’t wait
The clock’s at 6:11
And dinner cannot be late!

Mommy brings her food
She refers to it as “hay”
Special excitement uncontrolled
It’s the First Time every day

Celery leaves, cilantro
Strawberries and more
Ah the delights that Mommy brings
Tickles your German-techno loving core

I know when it’s 6:11
And you’re ready to get some din’
You’re now hopping around Heaven
With Miss (patiently-waiting) Sheridan

Going to miss you, little one
6:11 forever your time
Because you were an amazing friend
And I’m glad that you were mine

I’ll forever miss you, Stasi. 6:11 belongs to you.
Love, your friend Tonya

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Hey Annie,
Just wanted to pay my respects to Stasi. She was a sweet little bunny who was definitely treated like a princess. She was very fortunate to have you to keep her happy and healthy throughout the years. Words may do little to ease the pain, but know that I am here for you during this time.

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Stasi will be missed but remembered. Boppin internet radio and watching her hop around under wine or whatever else was always a blast. I fondly remember her helping with a hangover or two and how sweet she was whenever I would pet her. best "kitty"!
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My darling Stasi, I now have your ashes. I tried to put them in Sheridan's marble urn but there is not enough space. I may eventually mingle your ashes together. In the meantime I have you both up on my shelf in my office by some candles. I'm very glad to have you home again where you belong. This all feels both very weird and very right. I talk to you daily (as perhaps you know) and I'm taking my time with my grief. I'm glad you are no longer in any pain! Here are some kisses for your ears... All my love, Mommy Rabbit
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Dear Stasi,

What a special, beautiful, loving rabbit you are. Boss of the warren, but kind and loving at the same time. You enjoyed a stroke of the base of the ears and I was always as happy to see you as you were to see me, hopping over, sniffing my head, hopping on pop, eating a pellet from my lips, special treats for your birthday (get that berry, smack those lips!)
Such a long and wonderful life you lead. You bring us so much joy, particularly your life partner Sheridan, and your mum Mommy Rabbit.
I miss you, but always remember you as the bright eyed girl who could bink five times her height, sleek and elegant. Love you forever Stasis, give my love to Sheridan and thank you for everything.

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It has been just over two months since you died and it has been a crazy time for me. Grief has hit me in waves, sometimes I drown in it and other times are more gentle. I just adopted/rescued two more 1-year old female bunnies. It took me the full two months to be at a place where I could give these new girls a decent, loving home. I also needed some time after you died to truly understand that rescuing new rabbits is not replacing you in my heart. That would be an impossibility since I feel you in my heart still, all the time, keeping me safe and protected like I did for you when you were alive. Thank you for everything and for "allowing" me to move forward and rescue more bunnies. My hope is to give them a great life like I did for you. I missed being a bunny mommy in general and it is a great relief to be back in that position. I've been lighting candles and having memories about you for many nights these last two months. I hope you are back with Sheridan!! Much love, Mommy xoxo
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