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Born:October 25, 2010
Santa Clara
Died:June 6, 2020
at Home

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Lily was a loving pet who was always able to win over the hearts of those she met. More of a tomboy, you would either find her sprinting along the fence challenging the Doberman next door, or laying in the dirt the moment we let her outside after a bath. And the moment you'd open up the door to the backyard you would hear her immediately come sprinting over to join you! 
Although she loved being outdoors, she wasn't immune to feeling anxious. She could be staring at you walking into the door, and still bark like she didn't recognize you. But that would always immediately be followed by a big smile, wagging tail and warm greeting.
As she finally gets to reunite with her brother Blue, we will cherish the memories we've gotten to make. We will never forget our very good girl.
For some reason she really wanted to lie down under my bed
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Personal Notes

I always admired how strong she was. And even though she could be all over the place, she grew up to be a very loyal pet and very good girl
Added by Nathan

Lily was a great dog. She was happy, energetic, cuddly (on her terms) and while initially wary of strangers, became fast friends (if you scratched her you were friends for life). I loved her dinner dance. She would get so excited for her wet food that she would dance in circles and jump up in the air. Every night without fail. She will be sorely missed!!
Added by Steve Wright

My little Belle ???? she really was something special, I've never seen a dog get so regularly dirty and absolutely live for it. Watching her and Blue get to be raucous siblings was so great too....I loved the fact that she came for love for only as long as she wanted it, I feel that kindred spirit there ?? She was my pretty girl and I was def her favorite ??
Added by Danae

She was a great puppy. She was super friendly and sweet. She loved getting belly rubs more than anything else. She was got so excited when we got home. She loved to lay out in the sun and roll around in the dirt. Sad to see her go.
Added by Braden

Lily was a true alpha dog. She was sure she should run things and would be very watchful and sure of herself. Unless some fireworks went off, then she didn't know how to protect us and she'd get worried. I loved telling her to take care of things when I left the house and I knew that's what she intended to do. I remember the night she came upstairs and was trying to tell Dad and I something. Eventually we followed her out back and she led us to a baby possum in one of our trees. I loved when she tried to communicate with us like that. I will miss my sweet girl so much.
Added by Julie
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