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Born:March 1, 2009
West Midlands, uk
Died:May 26, 2020
My beautiful boy Fritz came into my life with his little sister Fluffy almost 11 years ago. He was such a loving beautiful boy , over time his little legs gave him issues with other problems . I always imagined he would be with me until he grew old i dud not want him to suffer anymore,   having to say bye to my sweet boy has broken me inside I miss him every minute and I am struggling with his loss . I know he is not suffering now and I want my beautiful boy to know i loved him so very much and will always hold memories of him in my heart , I will honour his anniversary always dearly he meant so very much to me and will never be forgotten.  I love you Fritz my beautiful, pretty boy , run free now out of pain with Tilly until I can see you again one day . I will always love you with all my being and heart , rest easy my boy . Love you always forver  xxxxxxxxx xxx
My beautiful boy Fritz
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I love you my beautiful boy , run free now free of pain . I will always love and treasure my memories of you . Lots of love xxxxxxxx
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