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Born:August 11, 2003
Chicago, IL
Died:April 28, 2020
Chicago, IL

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I had an orange kitty named Peanut before I met Fred. Peanut and I were both August babies. He died 14 years later...in the month of August. And that same August was when Fred was born. It was like the cycle continued and to this day, I know Peanut sent Fred to me (he knew I hated celebrating my birthday alone. Lol) I adopted Fred when he was 5 months old and loved him for 16.5 years. He was absolutely the sweetest boy. Loved people, good natured and gregarious (gotta love those orange tabbies) He taught me it was ok to be a little needy and be like, "I think you should stay here and pet/love on me", and I would, of course:) They broke the mold and burned the schematics when they made Fred (Peanut too. I've been a very lucky kitty Momma having raised two orange boys) I'm shattered and heartbroken without him every day. I spend my days wandering around my apartment missing him in his favorite spots and just sobbing. I just want him back.

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I'm so sorry. I know Fred is in Kitty Heaven with Peanuts!
Added by Mary

Fred was one of a kind! He was the happiest and most positive little guy I’ve ever seen! I’ll always remember how much he love paper bags (especially my DSW bags)! He was also a polite cat. He would just wait in my doorway of my bedroom and stare at me until I invited him in! I’ll miss him a ton and hope him and Peanut are up there with a cocktail talking shit about everyone else!!!
Added by Anonymous
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