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Born:August 26, 1996
Died:January 28, 2005
New York, New york

Added by Anonymous
Personal Notes

We wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.

Then we wrote it in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.

Then we wrote it in our hearts,
where it will always stay.

We love and miss you.

Added by Mommy, Poppy & Lisa

The weekend our beloved Hampton first came into our home there was a big snowstorm. The snow was too deep for our little puppy to walk in so I cradled him in my arms for the short car ride home. He bonded very closely with me and decided he had to be with me wherever I was, even if I went to the bathroom. Hampton kept up that practice for most of his lifetime. I will forever miss knowing that he was only a few steps behind me.
Added by Hampton's Poppy


You will be dearly missed for the smiles you brought and happiness & love you gave those those that surrounded you.

Rest in Peace.

Added by A Friend at ARM

Hampton loved (appropriatly) the Hamptons. I remember going back the house early while Adrea was (I think--no, I know) shopping and letting him out in the back yard. A happy happy feller, tearing around with his hair and ears finally off his face and streaming in the wind. Run on pal.

Added by Mike Bryant

Hampton took awhile to warm up to me, until his "secret spot" on his rump, where he loved to be scratched, was revealed. What I will remember the most besides his very cute face and his obsession for greenies, is the devotion and unconditional love that Adrea and Lisa had for him. My most deepfelt sympathy, as a fellow dog owner, goes out to them and Steve. The kind of love they had for Hampton is priceless, and would be wonderful for us to show one another as people.
Added by Tom Mack

Hampton I will miss the pitter patter of your paws as you passed through my area on your daily walks. You were such a loved dog and a source of comfort and joy to your parents, family and friends. Your memory will always linger on. Just reading the stories about you puts a smile on my face. Be Happy!
Added by Cindy K. at ARM

Hampton loved to go to work each day. I still look down under my desk to see if he is there. Even though he is no longer at my feet, he will forever be in my heart. There isn't a space in the office or at home where I don't have a special memory of him. I cannot say I will miss taking him out for walks in the rain, snow, bitter cold and stifling heat - but I will treasure every moment we were together.
Added by Lisa

I enjoyed interacting with Hampton on a daily basis and miss his visits tremendously. He was a loyal and faithful companion and will be forever missed.
Added by Bill