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Born:June 23, 2015
Tucson, AZ
Died:April 28, 2020
Farmington, NM
Cailíni (Colleen-Y) means little girl in Irish Gaelic. We chose that name because she would never be a big girl. When we adopted her she weighed 3 lbs 9 ozs, and at her heaviest weighed just over 7 lbs. She touched our lives in the first few days in such endearing ways, and she will never be forgotten.
You may choose a pet, but sometimes that pet chooses its human, and Nee Nee chose me. She slept beside me every night, followed me everywhere I went, and quickly became the biggest piece of my heart. She absorbed all my tears, was a great listener, and loved unconditionally. When we started looking for a dog I had wanted a Yorkie. We found instead a long haired, cream/gold, micro mini Dachshund. She was so small, yet she never knew that. She was tough, fearless, and brave. I didn't like Doxies till her, and know I will never find another like her.
She had one brown eye, and one that was half blue. She was magical, and protective. I will never have another friend/furbaby like her. I will always mourn the loss of her, and celebrate her life. She will always be with me.
neenee 2a.jpg
Always a model
Added by mom

Such a beautiful baby she was
Added by Anonymous

Added by Anonymous

neenee4 a.jpg
Like a princess
Added by Anonymous

So precious
Added by Anonymous

a sweet baby
Added by Anonymous
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Personal Notes

My sweet baby, I miss you so very much. I cry everytime I think of you. I have never had a fur baby that has touched me so deeply. I pray that Jesus and all the angels watch over your delicate soul. Know that you were loved, and always will be, with all my heart. There is a hole in my soul that you had filled. I am so very sorry for your death. I will never forget you little girl.
Added by mom

Praying for you and your loss of Nee Nee. It is so hard and l pray you keep her precious memories close to your heart. She will always be there for you. God bless (((((((hugs!)))))))
Added by Ginger Heitman

I understand this loss, as I too have suffered through it although not in the same manner. May you find comfort in your memories. Please know she will always be watching over you while she awaits your reunion.
Added by Cynthia Bonney

I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl. Lifting up prayers for God's comfort and peace during the days ahead. But you are right. She is running,playing and being loved on by our sweet Lord.
Added by Anonymous

We will light a candle for Nee Nee. Rainbow bridge has gained another angel. Maybe our Abby will show her the way. Sending love and prayers!!??
Added by Cramers

Sending my thoughts to you and your family. She was so blessed to have fur parents like you guys
Added by Anonymous

I’m so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful baby.
Added by Linda Allard

I am sorry about your loss, hope you feel better. I know about that hole in your heart. Love ??.
Added by A dachshund friend.
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