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Born:June 2, 2003
Died:April 23, 2020
We founed Pepper in our back yard living in a big empty UPS box. She was giving birth to kittens but all except one kitten died, as Pepper didn't know what to do. We thought Pepper was special and didn't know how to exist outside especially not being able to take care of kittens.  But Pepper while inside our home always managed to find a box to live and sleep in. Whether in the basement or in an upstairs bedroom. And she would always find a new place to hide, sometimes not finding her for a long time. She liked climbing onto a bed or a sofa and sitting or laying next to one of us.But she was aloof  enough to never want to sit on your lap. A few years ago we noticed she would walk hunched in the rear meaning she had pain, but tried to hide it. We knew she was in pain when she started to drink water using her front paws as a scoop, instead of sitting low to the bowl. So we raised the food and water bowls so she could stand and feed. The vet did blood work and found her thyroid required medication. So for about 2 years were giving her this for her thyroid when we noticed she was eating less and started to look thinner. We changed her food but didn't help. The vet said she was having kidney and liver issues and should have a food stimulant and start getting subQ fluids every day. We couldn't have Pepper sit still for us to give her Subq fluids at home so we could afford 3 days a week at the vet for her fluids. She was still losing weight but not as quickly. But about 2 months ago we noticed Pepper could no longer climb the 3 steps up to the couch to be near us. So I rearranged her living space on a 6 by 8 foot rug with litter box, water, food and a nice heated bed. But in the past few weeks, she had a hard time turning so I realigned all her food, bed and litter so it was in a small square - probably less than 3 feet square. All she did now as when she started getting sick was to sleep, but now she was restless, and moved every so often form the heated bed to the floor and would lay on her side - We lived in the family room to be next to Pepper as she was so ill. Last week she would stare at us from her bed as if to say she wanted to feel better. As I did for months when I learned that Pepper couldn't move much but she absolutely loved when I would put my palm under her cheek and she would turn her head and close her eyes and purr and then fall asleep. But, in the past few days, as were were putting her into her carrier for her 3 times a week fluids at the Vet she was just quiet and laying on her side. Since with Covid19 we have to stay outside and let the Vet Techs do their job, they said Pepper is at a end of life. The vet called us in the parking lot and said we will be given a mask and come into Exam room 3. When we got there - the Vet explained Pepper will have an IV and sedative before the Euthanasia and we cold be with Pepper. Pepper looked up at me, I put my palm under her cheek, but Pepper didn't purr, she may not understand death, but she understood she was being comforted by me. I told the vet we are ready - Bless you little girl Pepper.  It was not the first time we experienced having lost a cat to Euthanasia, but this one hit me the hardest. I cried - a lot. We take care of our pets... and our pets take care of us. Our memorial to Pepper is simple, a lit candle, a framed picture of little girl Pepper in her better days, and pictures in an album to remember her, She goes after our other cats lost to us, Tango, Cameo, Freddie, and now Pepper. So sad and hope to see her run up to us as we meet little girl Pepper after we pass also.

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