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Born:May 24, 2005
Sugar Land, TX
Died:April 19, 2020
Houston, TX
Deli Midyat, our beautiful and loving Brittany Spaniel has been our family's companion for 15 years.  In addition to his sweet personality, Deli had a special knack for bringing people together.  He was an ambassador for his species, for his family and for love and loyalty.

We honor Mr. Huseyin Deliismail who is both Deli's benefactor and namesake!

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Our Boys In The Doghouse
Added by Anonymous

Just Hanging Around - Deli Grew but Roni Didn't...
Added by Anonymous

2005 - July - Deli Sleeps.jpg
Baby Deli in 2005... Adopted from Mary Cameron Carroll
Added by Anonymous

2005 - July - Roni Deli 4.jpg
A 7 year old boy and his new dog.
Added by Their mom

Deli saying goodbye to Roni
Added by Their mom

Deli Playing with Fabric in 2016
Added by Mom
Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
Deli Midyat Pedigree 2005 - 2020.pdf
Deli's Degree (I mean Pedigree!)
Added by Mom
Personal Notes

Always wonderful seeing your sweet puppy walking down the street! What a wonderful dog. We will so miss him. So grateful that he introduced our family to yours.
Added by Brandy Obvintseva

Ohh Deli, we will miss you so much, especially Atlas will be looking for you all the time :(
Added by Atlas - Seyda - Fuat

I remember the day a little puppy came to be a part of your family. Roni was so excited to have a dog and Deli was so excited too! There was much running around the house. Deli always had a welcoming wag for guests and especially enjoyed those who had time for a pat or a rub. He was smart and sweet, we will all miss him.
Added by Catherine Frisby

We will miss you, sweet Deli. You are loved by all who knew you.
Added by Zoe

Oh Jenny, I'm so sorry! Deli was so sweet, soft, gentle and smart! He left too soon! He was an amazing happy and kind companion... We will miss him at your home.
Added by Tetyana Colosivschi

Oh, we'll miss that Deli... but we'll sure always have fond memories of his life with his 'brother' and his family. Our pets are with us for too short a time, but someone once told me that if our dogs lived to be 25 or 30, we just couldn't bear losing them. That's why they have to move on just before 15. Bless the animals for all they bring to us. Rest in peace, sweet Deli!
Added by Lisa Darling

Sevgili Deli,
Bana yazi yazdiran ilk ve tek köpek sensin… çünkü benim hayatima yepyeni bir soluk getiren tek köpek sensin! Yillar boyunca pesimi birakmayan korkumu yenmeme yardim ederek hayatimi o kadar güzellestirdin ki….sana çok tesekkür ederim. Gittigin yerde rahat uyu, seni hic unutmayacagim.

Added by Kunive

Deli: You were always such a smart welcoming soul. It won't be the same without you.
Added by Joanetta
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