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Born:June 16, 2015
Durango, CO
Died:April 11, 2020
We brought Charlie home from the shelter when she was a kitten 5 years ago. She loved to jump and we were worried as she'd just been spayed. She especially loved her human dad and would run to the door when she saw his car. She loved to stretch out on his lap and sleep. She enjoyed having her belly rub which seemed unusual for a cat and she would occasionally "chirp" when happy. She had a trick of standing on her back paws waiting for cat treats. When we brought another cat home from the shelter, initially there was fighting but they became buddies and enjoyed playing with various cat toys together.

We were gutted when we found her dead this morning, curled up in a chair like she was sleeping. She was just running around the house the night before and wasn't sick. I wish we had played with her more and spent more time petting her and enjoying her sleeping on our laps. Our other cat seems lost and we are too. I wish I'd taken more photos and a video of her trick of standing on her back paws. I wish I'd known our time together would be too short so I would have done things differently.

Charlie, we love you and miss you so much. I'm sorry for getting mad when you clawed the couch and destroyed some yarn. Those things are unimportant and you were such a joy in our lives. Please give us some sort of a sign that you are still with us and that you know how much we adored you.
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