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Born:April 1, 2005
Died:March 8, 2020
I adopted Sam and his brother Brock about 14 years ago. They were smart, sweet, playful, wonderful and the best friends I have ever had. The loss of Sam will be incredibly hard. Any thoughts you have will be appreciated

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sam walkinng.jpg
Sam on a walk
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sam and brock hugging.jpg

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Sam in Blackhawk Colorado
Added by Stacy Martin

IMG_1362 .JPG
Sam and Brock
Added by Stacy Martin

Sammy and Brock at the top of the world!
Added by David
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Personal Notes

Sam was an amazing soul that is loved and adored by everyone that ever met him.He enjoyed life and the world around him.He was always up for a hike in
the woods, drinking from a cool stream and chasing (but rarely catching) anything that caught his interest. He was well loved and well fed and had the
kind of life that we all dream of. I'm sure he's together with Brock and Sweetie Pie enjoying a good roll in the grass.Love ya Sammy , till we meet again....

Added by Stacy

No one can fully understand the meaning of love unless they have owned a puppy..Mans best friend can show more honest affection with a wag of his tail than a man can gather in a lifetime of relationships. Sammy and Brock running with the speed of gazelles in heaven! together again, this time forever.. Heartfelt thoughts and stunning memories will never cease...see you soon....xoxox
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