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Born:November 29, 1999
Died:February 10, 2020
This beautiful handsome fur baby came into my life at the age of 8 weeks fitting amazing into our family I eventually went on to have 3 more fur baby's one was his and a very tiny Grandaughter then I introduced them to Betty Monte was there pack leader and loved every moment of it he lived to the grand age of 20 and gave me lots of beautiful memories we lost his Grandaughter My Beautiful Poppy May 2019 at the age of 16 still grieving for Poppy you lost your fight but put up a brave fight so courageous I still have your son Doodles who is 18 but in poor health and will be joining you soon but I need him for while longer so please don't take him yet miss you Monte you little grumpy! Till we meet again at the rainbow bridgex

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