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Born:September 27, 2008
Died:January 19, 2020
Gunner was a rescue dog from the Boston Terrier Foundation. We adopted him in a time that was hard for us, but he made all of it much easier. He got along with our daughter, Keira, and she loved him. Due to certain life circumstances, we did have to return him to the foundation for him to receive the help and care he needed at the time that we couldn't provide. We are glad that Gunner found the care he deserved before he passed. He will be missed just as much as he was loved. Thank you Gunner, for making our lives much better in times that we thought that it couldn't get any better!

Added by Anonymous

JoJo on the left, Gunner on the right.
Added by Brandie
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Personal Notes

R.I.P Gunner. You gave us light when we thought there wasn't any.
Added by Anonymous

You will be missed, Gunner. You really were a "SUPER" dog!
Added by Kim Smith

RIP Gunner. I miss you keeping my feet warm! You were/are loved so very much and I will always remember you sweet boy!
Added by Granny Alice
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