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Born:January 1, 2015
Wichita, Kansas
Died:January 10, 2020
Wichita, Ks
Dear Miko, I lost you yesterday so my grieving is still fresh. I still look for you everywhere and listen for your bark. It hurts. I lost you suddenly to pneumonia and although I thought you were going to push through, you decided to stop fighting. I regret not catching it sooner and regret not bringing you home so you can die in my arms rather than with strangers. I miss you and I don’t know why I had to loose you so soon. I was hoping to introduce you to the man I fell in love with and see if you approved. I was hoping my children would met you and love you as much as I did. I was hoping we’d travel the world together and you die at an old age with so many beautiful memories. But you died in a hospital with so many scary sites and needles- I am sorry. I love you and I hope you didn’t think I abandoned you to them. My socks will never be lost again because you would like to take them and hide them. I will never play catch with you again or hear the squeaky toys. I will always love you my little one. And I will see you again one day. Goodbye munchkin.

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