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Born:April 4, 2017
Died:January 9, 2020
I found you in one of the darkest times of my life. A litter of 6 and your mother killed 5 but not you! I snagged you up and took you in. We cut the puss from your eyes, I bottle fed you every four hours and taught you how to use the bathroom. You were my strength in my weakest moments. When things were hard you knew it, you would lay up on me and lick my tears. If I went potty you went potty even at 3am, you cuddled on my shoulders to sleep, you took showers with me and made my world complete. Having you made me feel like I had a piece of my son still. Now losing you the same way we lost Alan Johnathan is ripping me apart inside. I did everything I could, ER vet, regular, vet, even the over night but you were just too tired, and I cant help but be selfish to want you back. I miss you more than words can explain you have a piece of me that will forever be gone and only with you. I can not wait to hold you again and kiss that nose, I cant wait to have you in my arms, you are forever my baby boy. You were beyond perfect and nothing and no one will ever EVER replace you. I will always carry you in my heart and in my memories, I cant stand this losing you feels like Im losing AJ all over again and I cant help but beg God to bring you back but at least I got to kiss you good bye and hold you one last time. Please always remember me, and wait for me at Rainbow bridge. Until I see you again my perfect handsome baby boy Mommy will be weeping and remembering you everyday.
The love of my life
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My perfection
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My World and My love
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My two babies
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Forever in my heart
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I will wait for you Forever, I cant wait until your in my arms again. My heart is broken and I will miss you beyond any words ever. You were apart of me and I will Never be the same again.
Added by Mommy
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