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Born:July 18, 2006
Died:November 26, 2019
Hi everyone. My name is Romie (aka Romeo) Bhai and I turned into an angel on November 26, 2019.

My family and friends were really sad that I left this earth, they loved me so much! But as I got older, I started to slow down and my heart really hurt. I still loved doing the things I loved to do (such as playing, running around, taking walks, chasing toys and balls, and EATING CHICKEN!).

I brought SO much joy to everyones life that I touched. I'd go for walks in the neighborhood and EVERYONE would know my name! I loved getting attention and ESPECIALLY when people rubbed my head and scratched behind my ears. Every time I saw a rabbit or a squirrel, I would drop everything and RUN AFTER IT! My sweet bark was music to everyones ears!

My most favorite food in the entire world was CHICKEN! Momma used to buy the big packs for me and boil them. When I was sick, I would eat chicken with rice. When I wasn't sick, I would eat it with my dry kibble. It was absolutely delicious!

I also love love loved baby carrots! And cookies! MRUM MRUM!

In recent years, I just started to get really tired more, but I still loved my life, and my MOMMA! And she loved me the most! Once day, my body had told momma that it was enough.. I had to make the transition from this earth and turn into an angel.

Please be kind to my mom, she's hurting a lot. She isn't ready to get another pet, as nobody could never ever REPLACE me! My soul is connected with hers.

I would want my memory to live on, and encourage people to donate to animal shelters and adopt less fortunate animals that didn't get to ever experience the lavish life that I did.

Drop a comment in the section below.

I love you all forever.

Note from Romie's mother (Tina):

Our little Romie was a dear and precious member of our family. He passed away on the afternoon of November 26th, 2019 due to some complicated heart issues. We kept him on medicines for about a year and a half, but sadly, his body rejected them in the end.

Romie had a great personality. He was one naughty boy, but he was also sweet, loving and caring. He had a million different personality traits and was adored by his family. He was in charge of the house and kept everyone in line.

We miss him dearly and will never be able to forget him. Rest in peace my good boy.

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Added by Anonymous

Romie was playful, fun and had beautiful energy. He is missed and we loved him.

Added by Anonymous

You're such a cutie. You brought so much joy and you probably didnt even know it. You are being dearly missed and you were so loved.
Added by Anonymous

We love you baby bear!!
Added by Anonymous

Romeo, you are sorely missed but forever your love will live on in the lives of the people you touched. Even the people like me that never met you in person. Your smile will be engrained in my brain as the happy boy that you were and that you now are. Your mommy loves you and she always will. She is the best mommy for you. Give Leilani hugs from me, I miss her so much. But I tale comfort in the fact that I know you and Leilani are running and playing together.
Added by Tamara

Romeo you are missed and loved so much
Added by Anonymous

Roooommmmmeeeeeeoooo, I never got to meet you in person but loved you all the same. You were so darling to me and I would ask about you all the time to your momma!
You are loved!

Added by Safina

Miss you Romie and your playfulness! Always had a fun time playing with you whenever we were at Tina’s. I will hold those memories in my heart ??
Added by Rinku