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Born:June 7, 2006
Died:November 23, 2019
Butch was born in a hole that raccoons made on a roof of a building we lived in. Butch was part of a TNR program and out of 17 cats and kittens, he was the only one we adopted. He would follow us on walks with the dogs and was very shy at first. After a couple of years,  he came out of his shell and also became my best cuddler, taking his sister Daisy's place. He was the most handsome sweetest cat ever. He loved food and cuddling under the covers with Mommy in bed. Rest in peace my darling Butch, you are with Marley, Daisy, Wilbur, Max & Shammy running free in the field of beautiful wildflowers. Always in our hearts and minds, we will never, ever forget you.

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