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Born:March 13, 2011
Died:October 28, 2019

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Chilli was a loving dog who was much loved by the whole family, she was an energetic dog who was calmer at home but on walks she went mental. She loved playing catch with tennis balls and she also enjoyed hunting fish in the river we walked near. In January this year we got a male vizla like her called Bertie and tho she acted uninterested in him they enjoyed playing with each other She and Bertie were fine with each other until about a month ago when she started to act up slightly, occasionally not eating or staying in bed a lot but we just dismissed it as exhaustion from being with Bertie. We went on holiday to Malta, and I am writing this from there, so we left Chilli at my grandmas house with my uncle as well. This morning my uncle called us and said that Chilli had been sitting with my grandma and just dropped dead. She had no history of anything but while she was there she had a seizure, which later turned out to be 2 strokes, and they took her to the vet but they dismissed it and later on at 8:00pm she looked at my grandma, wagging her tail and she just dropped dead there and then, they tried to revive her but to no avail so they took her to the vets for a scan for cause of death and it was a tumor. We had no idea, and that would have been why she`d been acting strangely. As I write this she is being prepared for cremation. If you've read this far you have made me feel so much better, today, the 29th of October,  was my 14th birthday when we found out about Chilli. I am absolutely devastated and cannot sleep with the thought of her on my mind, I cant stop crying and hope no one has to ever deal with something like this, as I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye. I love Chilli and would do anything to see her again so thank you for your support. If you have read this thank you so much as it has made me feel so much better about it.
Gone fishing
Added by Ralph

Added by Ralph

I love you Chilli and will never forget you
Added by Ralph
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