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A True story of a dog’s purpose??

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Born:December 9, 2016
North Carolina
Died:October 8, 2019
Cedar Point , NC
Blue was from a litter saved from a kill shelter by our vet. I will never forget his love for my husband and my daughter, and grandson Kai. As a tiny puppy he would hear my daughters door open and look up and wait for her to come greet him. Blue picked her as his human to love . The same year that Blue entered our lives my daughter became an expected mother. Blue was diagnosed at the same time with a heart condition that would mean a sudden death. Blue did not suffer that we could see and he loved my daughter and grandson with all that he had left. He left us 10/8/2019 playing with a beloved 18 month old who only knew the joy of Blue’s short life. The pain of sudden death is excruciating and the emptiness so intense. I know that God is trying to strengthen me through life’s lessons for much harder losses. I am not ready...



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