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Little Momma
In Loving Memory

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Born:January 1, 2006
Houston, TX
Died:September 26, 2019
Deer Park, TX
Little Momma was the best dog ever! She never got upset and would calm me during any of life's ups and downs. She was a true best friend. She never liked thunderstorms and would hide behind me during them, but she always knew she was safe with me. Little momma was a rescue but to this day I don't know who rescued who. I know she served her purpose in life, but I was not ready to let go. It is hard and I look everywhere for her. Knowing she is not there. Funny, when ever I was upset, she was who I wanted and now she is the reason I can't stop crying and I don't have her to console me. I will love her forever. There is no dog like her. Everyone loved her and everyone has been so kind in my loss of my baby, best friend, and companion. She was my everything!


Little momma with Callie living it up!
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You will always have my heart Little Momma!
Added by Lesley
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