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In loving memory

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Born:April 18, 2017
Died:September 23, 2019
Bell was my best friend. She loved me unconditionally and always needed to be right next to me. Her death has been the first death of a pet I have experienced. She was ran over by the mailman. I heard it and immediately new something terrible was about to happen. I have no idea how but she made her way back home. I believe she knew she was dying and needed to get back to me. She died outside and we buried her in our yard. She was my favorite dog. She has the goofiest personality. I work from home and every morning at 9:30 she came into my office and whined and whined at me because she was bored. She made me laugh every day. She always wanted to snuggle and be right on top of me. She always wanted to give kisses. She loved playing with her brother, Taco. She loved her frisbee and her ball outside. She loved to run at night when I brought the laser light outside. If I wanted to take a nap and if I didnt bring her bed in the bedroom she would put her head on the bed and whine at you. Every single morning she would greet you with a big stretch and super loud yawn. She was so goofy and weird, she would jump on the bed and put her head down and growl at herself and bark and roll around till the comforter was at the end of the bed. She loved playing with her toys laying on her back, toy in mouth and her 2 front paws in the air. She loved when you wiped down the counter tops. The second I grabbed the wash cloth she would be right there making sure no crumbs were left behind. She loved when you put dishes in the dish washer, she had to come and lick the silverware every time. Anytime you changed your clothes she had to be right there sniffing you. I could go on forever. She was the happiest dog and always so full of life. If you said the word "bone" she would run to the laundry room and make her loud pig, snorting sounds. Yes she made pig noises alllll the time. She loved everything but she loved me most. I dont know how to do life without her and it's been tough trying to relearn life without her. She will forever be in my heart and I will miss her dearly every single day.

I love you my belly girl.



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