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In Loving Memory

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Born:May 2, 2006
Richmond, KY
Died:August 12, 2018
With Nana and Papa
In loving memory of Lulu Schlarb. Words cannot express the happiness you brought to our family. From the first time I saw you sitting so calmly, watching your brothers and sisters wrestle with little interest, I knew you were to become a member of our family, and a dog legends are made of.

Of all our blessings, I can say with certainty, you were a godsend. Smart, laid-back, loving, protective, sensitive, nurturing, loyal, affectionate, and always happy. Our family could not have asked for a better companion.

Lulu learned quickly how to get what she wanted out of life. She learned how to “sit,” “speak,” but never to “beg” or “play dead,” while Papa taught her to “sit pretty,” which didn’t take much effort, but would always earn her more treats.

As a free-spirited puppy, Lulu loved the outdoors. So much there was not a crate, gate, or door handle she didn’t eventually find a way out of. Therefore, she quickly began building loving relationships with all human beings who came in contact with her whether it be a new neighbor, animal control, or whoever's house she found her way to for an uninvited romp.

A lover of couches and blankets, Lulu had many hobbies. Some of her favorite activities included barking at things not there, cuddling alongside her family members, thinking she was a human, acting like a spazz when it was time to be fed, and being showered with compliments because she knew she was "THE good girl.”

In her spare time, Lulu dreamt violently, thrashing her legs, presumably chasing dastardly rabbits or squirrels who dared enter her dreams. The quickest way to Lulu’s heart was with a quality scratch behind her ear and a rub of her belly.

Lulu will be greatly missed by many, but none more so than her nana and papa. Through thick and thin, they loved her with all their hearts, and though the pain they feel without her is great, it in no way would compare to having never had her in their lives.

Lulu is survived by her beloved companions Nana and Papa, her special friend, Erica, and eight offspring who are undoubtedly bringing as much joy to their families as she did for us.



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