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Born:April 9, 2002
Died:November 17, 2018
I was shopping at a local mall and decided to go in the pet store. Had no intentions on buying a dog. I started looking at all the dogs and saw this tiny little feisty dog jumping all over the dog with her in the cage. I fell in love with her immediately. She was taken out of the cage so I could hold her and that was it, I needed her and I bought her. Best thing ever!! She was a Toy Rat Terrier. She was the boss of the house. I spoiled her, whatever she wanted she got. She loved taking walks, riding in the front seat of the car. Being only 6 lbs I always held her.She was always by my side for the 16+ yrs. Minnie went blind about 10 months before she passed. She didn't do well with being blind at all. She started not being able to stand alone when eating. I could tell she had enough. We took Minnie to the vet on 11-17-2018 where it was time to say goodbye. Although, I won't get into the final moments, the euthanasion did not go well. Those are my thoughts I live with now. I thank God everyday for the precious angel He gave me. MINNIE you'll live forever in my heart .Until we meet again, I Love you .



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