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Born:February 15, 2007
Bronx, NY
Died:July 15, 2019
Yonkers, NY

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I rescued Kashmir off of the street. There was a huge downpour of rain that day, and I heard a cat meowing, saw him trying to shelter himself under a chair. It was next to a clothing donation box, so I pulled out a child's coat and draped it over the chair to make a tent. Then I went into a bodega and bought a can of food and put it inside of the tent. I was working per-diem at a school that day, so I returned to him after my shift, and he was still there. Without much thought, I popped him in the back seat of my car and took him home. I had to bathe him and treat his swollen eye, and there was a patch of fur missing on his hind foot. I imagined that maybe some teenagers abused him or he was abandoned first. He was spayed, so someone took care of him at some point. He was always sweet and gentle, but it took a while for him to warm up to me. Once he was better, I saw him roll around on the kitchen floor, exposing his belly, and I knew he was happy! I took care of him for 11 years, but towards the end, I did not know that he had severe dental disease. He stopped eating and rapidly lost weight, and it was obvious that he was dying, so I took him in for euthanization. I feel guilty for keeping him in the car too long, because it made him jumpy and the people at the 24 hour clinic were overly rough with him. they even taped his limbs together to control him, and dropped him on the floor and he screamed. He also had drops of blood on his paws and I don't know how that got there. they said a tooth fell out. It was a little traumatizing to see him that way, right before they gave him the shot that put him to sleep. I hope that he forgives me for not protecting him more. I loved him so much, but I never took him to a vet because I have mixed feelings about them. Next time, if I get another pet, I will be sure to get a pet insurance plan and only go to places like the ASPCA where I know they treat cats humanely. I just wanted to share my story, in case it can help someone. Kashmir was really a great cat, affectionate and peaceful, and it was like we were made for each other!. Unfortunately, I think that he may have been abused before I met him, and I felt like he left the world after being abused in that clinic. But at least he didn't have to suffer too much, and die a long drawn out death. I love you Kashmir!! Your fur was soft like cashmere, and your colors sandy like the desert. And you were named after a Led zeppelin song! Just overall, a very cool cat and I will miss you forever!!
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