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Born:December 12, 2010
Died:June 17, 2019
Springfield, Virginia

My Henry.
Thank you for giving me seven years of love and friendship. You were always pleased to see me and you had this ability to know exactly how I was feeling. When I was sick you would come and sneak into our room and hide under the duvet so Daddy wouldn’t see you.
You were such a smart dog and we had a way of communicating by just looking at one another. Although I got mad with you for stealing all the tennis balls and bully sticks I was unable to stay mad with you for long.
Thank you for giving me great memories such as the way you always managed to get on my lap to help me drive. The knack you had for hearing me prepare food whenever you were in the house and then waiting for my inevitable clumsiness that would result in some dropped food that you would kindly clean up for me. And your absolute love of snow. The way you rushed through it, rolling and jumping. This gave us so much joy.
Thank you for giving me your unconditional love and loyalty. I know you would have protected me from anyone and anything. And I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you in the end.
Love always
My handsome boy
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Never far away
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Love Snow Love Snow
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Tickle Time
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Pet me please
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Love my sis
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