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Born:June 1, 2004
Died:April 29, 2019

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Silas, you were truly a best friend to the very End. You had a rough start to your life, but with lots of love and care you got to live a very filling life. The best cat a guy like me could ever ask for. I loved your energetic attitude and cute meow. You were there for me when I was sick, sad and lonely. Your love helped me through it all!! I'm so happy that we grew up together and got to make some wonderful memories you beautiful magical creation of life. Even if you drove me crazy, I still loved you no matter what. I made sure you had all the love, food and treats you could ever ask for! This family will never forget the impact that you left for us and how much you mean to us. I hope that the afterlife treats you well and may your soul rest in peace my dear and ever so spectacular friend.

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Personal Notes

I'm deeply saddened by the loss that we feel in our hearts. May the memories of our cat find you peace and solace while we say goodbye. Just like people, every kitty is an individual, and there will never be another quite like Mr Silas that we cherished. The loss cuts very deeply into our family, as there will be one less grumpy member of the family here. This family will never forget the impact that you left for us and how much you mean to us we love you Mr Silas!
Added by Momma Bear
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