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For the Love of Teddie
Born:January 1, 2012
Brampton, Ontario
Died:April 7, 2019
Mississauga, Ontario

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I miss you but know that you are waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge. I see you there, missing us, but having fun with your new friends. Now share the ball honey, that’s the nice thing to do! It’s okay if you want to beat them at a race for the ball, you are a rock star runner – you show those boys (and girls) how awesome you are!
You are an amazing soul, I feel you with me constantly. I think I’m going to miss a lot of the little things. Like, I put 2 plates down for you to lick yesterday. I missed seeing you poke your head in to the bathroom after you had breakfast and then settling down on the couch watching me get ready to go out for the day. Remember we talked to each other, you with your eyes and me with my words. You were so bright-eyed on the couch when we communicated. And understanding that I had my work to do and that I had to leave you during the day. I was always so excited to see you when I came home and you excited to see me. I love the way you wagged your whole back end, not just your tail! And that look of pure joy on your face I will never forget sweetie.
I’m sorry I couldn’t keep you safe in that field that you loved chasing the ball in. I wish I had followed my instincts and thrown the ball on the path instead. But it was your time, your light just shone so brightly that it was time for you to transition to heaven.
Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, loved you Teddie. You are so sweet and kind and always helped us when we were feeling sad. It's like you reach into our hearts and took the sadness away by absorbing it like a sponge. You were always able to calm Juliet down when she was sad, just by your mere presence and energy. Your energy and spirit are always so full of empathy and kindness.
And could you chase a ball. Oh my God, there was almost smoke coming off your back feet when you ran at full speed. I loved the way you got really low to the ground and shot off like a canine rocket. And when you couldn't find the ball right away you ran around and around in circles with your tail high in the air wagging like crazy. You were so happy.
You LOVED food, and were always under foot when we were in the kitchen. I had such respect for you when we said, "Go to your spot" and you always did! ALWAYS, you were so obedient. It amazed me how good you were and it was my privilege to remind you every day just what a good girl you are.
Marshal, the love of your life. Oh how you loved that boy! He was the ONLY one who you would share your ball with, I loved that! You didn't give that ball to any other dog, but Marshal was special and you loved him. He will miss you and his parents will too. I know you were aware that they came to say their final good-byes to you when you had finally passed. Marshal sniffed your nose, and 3 of your 4 feet. He knew, he knew.



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