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Scrappy Doo
The best little dog, ever.
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Born:January 1, 2002
Chicago, IL
Died:February 22, 2019
Samut Prakan, Thailand
My late wife Jean and I bought Scrappy in Glendale, California. He was the cutest puppy. He was so sweet and loveable. We did everything for him. He was terrible to train and we even had a dog tutor to help train him to pee outside.
In 2007, my wife passed away and I moved to Thailand. I brought Scrappy and our cat, Sassy, with me.
For the next few years we lived in Central Thailand. Scrappy was a pip. Never was a funnier dog! He was playful all through his life.
In 2012 I took him to Canada and the US. The next year we returned to Thailand. There we have lived peacefully until he passed away in February, 2019.


Dono, Scrappy's pal - who passed away May 5th, 2019
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Scrappy Doo
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Personal Notes

Dono and Scrappy were best pals. I got Dono as a puppy in Korat, Thailand in January, 2008. He was a hyper-active beautifully playful dog who I really miss. I took both dogs to Canada in 2012, along with my cat, Sassy. Sassy got lost on the first day, unfortunately. Sorry, Sas. The pups and I bought an Oldsmobile sedan in August and drove all the way to LA to visit my wife, Jean's, grave. We stayed for 6 months and had wonderful adventures every day in Griffith Park. In early 2013 we moved to Coquitlam, Canada for 6 months and then we moved back to Thailand because I had remarried to my Thai wife, Gung. I'm still here in 2019 but I miss my boy's terribly. God Bless them both.
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