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In Loving Memory of "Jeep-Jeep"

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Born:October 1, 2015
San Diego, CA
Died:February 10, 2019
San Diego, CA
Levi was a very sweet bird and always made the effort to hang out with us regardless of what we were doing. Not only did she enjoy head scratches or preening our hair but she was happy to just be in our presence.

She enjoyed showers and bathes and even liked to nibble off our plates whenever we ate on the dining table. Levi was very caring and would fly over in the morning and relax with us while we were in the middle of getting out of bed.

Levi, we are going to miss all those joyful moments with you and miss your chants and presence already. We hope we gave you the best life ever as you changed ours for the better and brought lots of happiness to us.

We love you, Levi!

- Roger & Priscilla




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