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Cuddle-monster Mittens
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Born:May 6, 2016
New Jersey
Died:November 6, 2018
Blacksburg, VA

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Here's a poem for a cute little kitty,
Who came across as shy,
But once you got to know her,
She became the biggest sweetie pie.

And once you fell in love with her,
She'd never leave your side,
She'd follow her mommy everywhere,
And slept to the left of her every night.

Morning time was always her favorite,
Breakfast was the best,
She'd get impatient with mommy,
When she wanted a little more rest.

She always had gunkies in her eyes,
And wanted a touch on her black nose,
And rolling on her back for a belly rub,
Was her absolute favorite pose.

The second you touch her,
She would make her unique noise,
And usually she was lazy,
Until you pulled out her favorite toys.

Whenever you called her name,
She'd come without hesitation,
And the strawberry box from BJs,
Quickly became her new location.

She hated when mommy left,
By the window she would wait,
She'd stare outside and then bolt to the door,
The second she saw her face.

You'd often mistake her for a burrito,
When she rolled herself in the colored Ikea rug,
And she liked to put her paw to your face,
When you went in for a kiss and a hug.

And boy what a smart cookie,
She learned her name months before her brother,
She was always trying to find different ways,
To cause a little more trouble.

She had tiny precious paws,
A pair of white mittens,
And when you felt how soft she was,
She'd leave you feeling smitten.

And though she was taken far too soon,
I am grateful for the time spent,
No blood, no pain, just peace,
Calmly resting on top of our bed.

So let's have a toast,
Please all raise a drink,
For an adorable, cuddle-monster, sweetheart,
That went by the name of Minx.



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