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Until we meet again
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Born:January 29, 2003
Died:January 19, 2019
I remember the day we first met and I loved you unconditionally from that day and I will forever. From when you used to run everywhere and jump on to the sofas, chairs and beds, and always people watching, to the days when you struggled to get up by yourself. We only had you for 8 years out of your 16 years, I hope we made it the best it could have been. You were my rock and my shoulder to cry on, you’d always lick my tears away right up until just minutes before you passed you liked my face like you was telling me it was going to be okay but I knew how scared you was, you couldn’t stop shaking. The house is so empty without you, so quiet. I’d do anything just to have another 8 years with you, to be fair I’d do anything to have another day with you. I have your harness, It still smells like you. I hope it’s good up there, you deserve the world. I promise one day I’ll come find you and we’ll have to be apart again ever. I love you and I miss you so much.



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