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Mandy Uibel
Dog's lives are too short. Their only fault really.
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Born:April 30, 2002
Died:January 4, 2019
Mandy was our ultimate companion. She entered our family shortly after we moved to Lake Tahoe and she immediately turned an unfamiliar house into a home. She was sweet, tender, funny, and full of personality. She hated taking baths, loved outsmarting her parents, and took center stage everyday of her life. Mandy's favorite hobbies were hiking, taking long walks, and spending hours playing 'hike' with her tennis ball at the beach. Even during her final days Mandy spent time outside with her family and enjoyed her spoonfuls of ice cream. We will never forget this amazing dog who completed our family. We love you Mandy.


Mandy enjoying Christmas 2014!
Added by Nicole

The best view!
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