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The love of our lives
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Born:July 16, 1999
Schaumburg Ontario
Died:December 27, 2018

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This is a memorial for our beloved Bullseye. Although I could go on forever talking about Bullseye I am trying my hardest to cope with his passing that I thought a proper memorial would help us with the grieving We are feeling right now. I got him at a breeder in Schaumberg on a very hot day... Best day of my life. From an early age in life I always knew that I would never have children of my own but I would welcome a doggie someday. Growing up he was a joy...very playful but those teething days were a nightmare. He ate a Oh my the memories. He loved bacon....loved my to nap and chase the squirrels in the summer months. In his long life he was only sick once when he was around 10 years old..with the exception of his last days. In the last 2 years he lost his hearing then his sight only to follow a Tumor that took its toll. He never complained and always tried to be the best "pup dog" he could be. The time came to make this unforgiving but needed decision to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge. It's maybe hard for most to not understand my feelings and how distraught and sad I am right now but that's ok too. HE was my child and the best decision ever I made. I want to thank everybody who love this lil old fella ...those who visited ...those who texted me...sent flowers....messages and called. It means a great deal to both myself and my husband Jerry who is totally heartbroken right now. When Bullseye passed he took a part of us with him....we will NEVER EVER forget this most awseome soul. We love you Bullseye until then ends of time... Be a good boy up in heaven as I know you are.

We also want to say a special thank you to Dr Maria Parente for your exceptional care to our baby. You have been a light in our lives and will never forget what you did for all of us. We love you

So now....we will try to live our lives with all the love in our hearts...memories of our Bullseye... We so miss hearing that tick tick on the floor........sigh

We will be adding some pictures of him. I hope you all enjoy them. Thank you for taking the time to view Bullseyes memorial. Feel free to leave a thought or story about Bullseye if you care to do so.
Gods speed Bullseye



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I feel for you and your family. Losing my dog Sweetpea was one of the most heartbreaking periods of my life. I hand fed him for almost an entire year because of his mega esophagus. I drove him around seated in my car each and every time he ate so that his food would go down with gravity. Alas, all my efforts only bought him an extra year but I would do it all over again. Bullseye sounded like a great dog. My condolences to you and the rest of your family. I just adopted a new family member named Giuseppe, a great Pyrenese. I hope you will find the right dog again when the time is right.
Added by Eddie F
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