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Born:April 1, 2009
Bathurst, New Brunswick
Died:December 21, 2018
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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Tango, the Best Boy Ever!, was rescued from a shelter in Bathurst New Brunswick in early September , 2010. A very inexperienced and loving stray who had lived almost exclusively outdoors, knew not how to get in a car, or even what a toilet was. His tag said Mustang as the shelter referred to his outdoor untamed spirit as that of a Mustang horse. In the shelter, the prospect of having a new owner had him dancing and jumping. His new mama thought he needed a name that reflected his high spirited dancing and kid of kept the sound (or part of) his shelter name..... it was Tango from that day forward!

The past 8 1/2 years have been a joy to watch Tango learn the domesticated lifestyle and also learn about the love of living inside with someone who'd love him as much as he'd loved her! A more loyal and loving dog could never be found. In fact many friends sometimes question who saved who!
Tango become the best dog ever and did not require a collar or leash. He was the constant sidekick of his momma when she was home and took weekend trips to the cottage with his mom as well. Late nights or early days, he was there for her and his love and trust was endless.
At home he had ponds to swim in and fields and woods to walk through. He had the quintessential "Dogs Life"
A few years later the brown appeared (Chocolate lab) and what a great time they had! Tango (although younger) became the big brother, the mentor and good buddy of P.D.
The days were spend together playing outdoors, going for swims and catching frogs.... truly this was dog heaven on Earth!
But even with the best situation, the best dog and the thought that "it couldn't get any better", tragedy can strike!
Sadly, on December 21, 2018 tragedy struck and the best boy ever, in the prime of life, without notice was was taken in not much more than a blink of an eye. A women's best friend gone, an aging Lab's buddy, guide and mentor....gone... a beautiful soul......gone.
Shattered hearts left behind but precious memories to fill his mama's heart dreams. How can those shoes ever be filled. You will be missed sweet boy!


Me and my buddy
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