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My Beautiful Boy, I Miss You So Very Much
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Born:June 15, 2005
Died:March 12, 2018
Yuba City, CA
A gentler soul I have never met in all my travels. This beautiful dog walked in to my life at such a difficult time. I suffered from so many medical problems and chronic pain. I had just lost my cat of 18 years. I thought I would never get another pet but then Sweetpea walked in to my life. A German Shepard and Pit Bull mix, he was the most gentle creature on earth. His soulful eyes seemed to always know my sadness, happiness, and everything about me. He had a great life, each and every day with him was such a joy. I do certainly hope he will be waiting for me in heaven at the Rainbow Bridge. He had a tough last year of life because of a terrible condition called mega esophagus. I nursed him for almost an entire year until my brave boy could not fight any longer. His passing was and still is devastating to me. There has not been a single day that I don't think of him or miss him. We love our pets so much and the thought of them passing seems to elude us until the time comes. Sweetpea, I miss you and will forever love you, to always be in your debt for your unconditional love of me and your family. Rest in Peace my best friend of almost 13 years.

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