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She was 3 years old. She meant the world to me. My ex gf was extremely jealous of her cause how much time I spent with her and always put her needs first. I adopted her from the spca. She was abused before I got her. I spent hours sitting next her for two weeks till she gain my trust and started to play with me like a puppy should. She saved me. Anyone that saw her she would put a smile on there face. She was there when my “mom” abandon me. I was 16 living on my own. She was so differnt and unique from any other dog. My dad brought her to his girlfriend house she was spending a couple night there. I get woken up at 5:30 am to find out my baby got hit by a car. They lived out in the country where cars drive by 1-2 every hour. I still need her as life is just getting tougher for me.



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