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In Loving Memory
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Born:November 17, 2004
Beavercreek, Ohio
Died:October 22, 2018
Middletown, Ohio

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Sebastian brightened every space he entered. He was such a happy boy who loved to touch everyone's lives in a special way that only Sebastian could do. Sabby knew no strangers and loved everyone who loved him. His gorgeous eyes pierced into your soul and you knew exactly what he communicated through them. His fuzzy face, well, it was the cutest thing ever. And his absolutely adorable smile was so infectious and kept him out of a whole lot of trouble. I loved his beautiful, curly tail, especially when it wagged...because you knew he was happy and satisfied. He truly was the sunshine in my life.
Sebastian loved life and fought so incredibly hard to overcome several very serious illnesses. He demonstrated such courage and bravery while living with several serious, chronic health conditions. Even his incredible Vet, Dr. Martin, recently said that he had never, in his many years in practice, seen a dog Sebastian's age & with all his health conditions, fight so hard and be so strong & happy. That's my Sebastian.
I was beyond blessed to be this incredible, sweet boy's Mommy for close to 14 years (5,016 days). He was my heartbeat and the reason I got up every day. I'm so fortunate that God gave me this sweet, ornery, bundle of energy. I would tell him every day, "There's only one Sebastian in the world and I got him. I thank God for another day with Sebastian, because every day with Sebastian is a gift!" He has left permanent paw prints on my heart and an infinite number of beautiful memories that I will forever cherish.
This has been the hardest 48 hours of my life, as I miss my baby more than life. I am thankful he is running pain-free, with fully functioning legs (he suffered with Degenerative Myelopathy [the canine version of ALS/Lou Gerhig's Disease]) over The Rainbow Bridge. I just know that the reunion with his Grampa & Grandma was beautifully special.
I will miss him every day for the rest of my life. I know he will meet me when my life on earth is over and I cannot wait to snuggle my sweet boy once again, while whispering in his beautiful ear, "We're together forever now, I have missed you terribly. I love you more than you love treats, my baby boy!" Until that day, he is only a thought, memory and heartbeat away...


My Sweet, Fuzzy Faced Baby Boy
Added by Sebastian's Mommy

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Personal Notes

Oh, Sebastian, how much we love you and have such joy by your loving spirit. You are a most special guy, adding such happiness and life to our lives. We may never have met in person/in puppy, but we love you for the wonderful friend and companion you have been to our incredible Pam. Please watch over her with your love and help remind her often, you are right there with her. We love so much; thank you for changing this world for the better. Endless love, joy and playful happiness to you! Hope you meet our Gracie, Squawk and Becca! Much love- Russell, Glory and Sheryle
Added by Anonymous

Sebastian, THANK YOU! Just one simple word but with so much meaning. Thank you for being Pam's special baby boy. Thank you for all the love you gave her, and for the laughs, the smiles, the lessons and the never-ending joy. Thank you for the comfort, the listening ear, the fur to wipe her tears and the ever-present support you gave her. Thank you for sharing your unconditional love with her and through her Thank you for being the light in her life. It was so bright, it can never be dimmed. Not now; not ever. Please help her to always feel that glow, and know that she's never alone.
Added by Anonymous
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