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Our loving Grainger Boy
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Born:August 1, 2004
Louisville, Kentucky
Died:September 1, 2018
Louisville, Kentucky

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Grainger came into our life one sunny fall day in 2004 completely unplanned. We had been out to eat and on the verge of an argument when Josh stopped by Feeder Supply to look at the puppies - probably his way to avoid the issue lol. We spotted a precious golden puppy named Tyler and he stole our hearts. We scooped that little guy up, renamed him Grainger, and welcomed him into our home. For 14 years this wonder dog brought us laughs, love, and a companionship like no other. Grainger experienced a lot of life first with us. During our 14 years together, we shared our wedding and life as newlyweds, selling our first home, building our own home, settling into life long careers, and the birth of our child. He was with us every step of the way. In his younger days he was a feisty ball of energy who loved to run from one side of the yard to the other, barking at everything, playing in the water, catching the ball, and who could forget the air he could get when jumping up to get a stick! In his senior days, he was much mellower, patient with our growing toddler, and as always the reliable companion, we had become unknowingly dependent upon. His loss has touched not only us, but also our extended family who also loved Grainger. We love you Grainger! And we miss you every day! While you may not be physically by our side, we feel your presence every minute of the day!


Just a girl and her dog...
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