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The best dog anyone could have
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Born:December 10, 2007
Romford, Essex
Died:June 7, 2018
Almoradi, Spain

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Poppy really was one of a kind. For a small dog, she had such a big character. She would regularly make people laugh with her funny antics and had so much love and affection to give. She had such a big heart, but sadly her heart failed her.

Both Poppy and I had a very special bond. She knew when I was sick and knew when I was sad. She gave the best cuddles, which got me through so many tough times.

We also spent many happy and joyful times together. Watching her energetically running around in the garden was where she was happiest. She would chase off the birds so that they wouldn't hurt us and even let us know if a leaf fell from the tree. She was very protective and would never let any harm come to me or her extended family.

Although she loved running around in the garden, Poppy could be an escape addict! If there was a hole in the fence or bush, she would find it. She had her human Grandparents and her Uncle Paul in panic on a couple of occasions, frantically searching the village for her, just to find her in the next garden where she'd found a hole in the fence.

Poppy was cheeky! Even though she knew she wasn't allowed on the sofa or bed, you'd find her there looking at you as if butter wouldn't melt. One if the funniest moments was how she knew that if she hurled herself at Uncle Paul's bedroom door, it would open. One particular day, Paul came home from work to find that Poppy had opened the door to his room, stolen his packet of biscuits, rolled them down the stairs and was sitting with them on her bed. Although she had not managed to get into the packet of biscuits, most of them were broken.

Poppy spent a year here with her human grandparents and Uncle Paul, due to me not being able to have animals where I was living. She loved her time here and although they loved having her, her cheeky antics would annoy them at times. You could never stay angry or annoyed with her for long though, as she'd look at you with her big brown eyes and your heart would just melt. After this year was up, Poppy came back to me as a very spoiled little dog! She got used to having bacon and sausages cooked for her on a regular basis and having lots of very special treats.

Some of the funniest times were when an animal would come on the TV. Poppy couldn't quite understand why she couldn't walk up to them. She would run around the back of the TV looking for them, wanting to make friends with them, but they weren't there.

Poppy loved having cuddles. Once she was on your lap, there was little that would move her. Upon her moving with me to Spain, she got to know her Great Aunt Jean. Whenever Poppy would see Jean, she would make herself comfortable on her lap and not move until Jean left.

You really were one of a kind, Poppy, and a very special little girl who was loved by all who met you.

Losing you, Poppy, has been the hardest thing I've had to go through. I will forever miss you and our special bond every day. You were a very special little girl and I hope you rest in so much peace. Sleep tight my angel.


Drinking Baileys
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Watching TV, wrapped in her blanket
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Having a belly rub
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Cuddles with Uncle Paul
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