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Isis. We love & miss you so much, You left your precious paw prints all over our hearts.
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Born:Lake Elsinore, California
Died:May 31, 2018

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We suddenly lost our 10 year old shepard mix on May 31, 2018. She was a emotional support dog. She loved all people and all our other fur babies.On the night of May 30, 2018 to find Isis unable to get up.

We were not sure what was wrong. Our vet was closed. So we made her a bed in the front of our couch in our living room so she was surrounded by her family and other emotional support animals.

She started to have severely violent seizures. She had three seizures but after 2 doses of valium her seizures stopped. She was very scared at times. Her vision partially lost from one of the seizures that lasted 10 minutes. I am disabled and was struggling financially after being injured in a car accident. I called around and found an emergency vet that said to bring her into them for free.

I bought her for my daughter but she was a family dog. My daughter made the hard to let her go. She was suffering.

We fed her lots of yummy chicken & water. My daughter and her boyfriend carried her out back twice which she seemed to enjoy. But she had not slept or go to the bathroom all that time.

The vet examined her and told us she had fluid around her heart which was why she was breathing so hard and fast. He said he suspected cancer which he confirmed that with that bad of seizures that damaged her eye. She had burst a blood vessel in her eyes so the cancer had spread to her brain which caused she seizures and all the other symptoms. We had no idea she had cancer. That is how strong she was. Never even symptoms till then,

When we arrived at the vet she did not seem scared anymore. She was smelling and licking the nurses. The doctor came in and sat on the floor and told us what to expect. She was so tired and needed to rest and finally be at peace. So he gave her a sedative to knock her out when we were ready why we all petted and kissed her. The vet was petting her too. We told how much we loved her. She finally relaxed and was then given the euthanasia medicine. The vet kissed her. It was a very peaceful way for her to leave us.

They were so kind. They even gave us a free foam paw print of her along with a folder of poems and resources for help for a loss of a pet. They buried her ashes at a beautiful cemetery for pets. Its a beautiful place. The bathed and groomed our baby Isis when she arrived there. My daughter boyfriend called because we wanted a piece of her hair. They cut off some and also did a clay paw print with a heart and bone in it, all for free and brought it to our house for us.

She was a great emotional support service dog. She was not a pet. She was our baby. She was and forever will be part of our family and in our hearts. We lost her so soon and unexpectedly. We want her back so bad.
Isis I hope we all hope we see you again someday. You were a such a sweet girl. We were so lucky to have you. We just never expected to lose you so fast. You are missed. We will never forget you. You are so LOVED.


Our Beautiful Precious Angel.
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