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Brian Walker Davis
In Loving Memory
Born:February 22, 2017
Hamilton, Michigan
Died:May 8, 2018
Saugatuck, Michigan

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Brian Walker Davis was born in the small town of Hamilton just 6 weeks before he became a special part of our family.
I remember it so well, the day I picked him up. It was a surprise for the kids who had no idea where we were going. I went inside to get 1 kitty but somehow 2 found their way into my heart. Brian and his brother were the last 2 kittens left of 6 and I couldn't bear to separate them. So along with Brian also came Dominic. They were our little fast and furious kitties. I hid the both of them inside my coat from the kids but also the rain that had started. But of course as soon as I shit the car door put they popped. Two little furry kitten heads meowing in protest against their new surroundings. Naturally though the kids were excited and happy to hold and cuddle them.
Both different as nite and day, and they both held up to their names. While Dom was the wild, rough n playful one, our little Brian was the calm, loving n protective one. He was always curled up with someone to get away from Dom's playful paws or nipping baby teeth. But at the end of a play session both would curl up together and cuddle as they took a little "cat nap"!
Shortly after our lil fur babies joined our family we moved to a new home where Dom decided it was time to leave the nest. But true to his nature Brian stayed right with us. He would ask to go outside by going to the door and meowing but always returned. We were certain he went out to visit his brother. They remained close even though Dom no longer lived inside.
Sadly we had to move again, so right along with our belongings he followed again. Of course he complained the whole way and was happy to once again be on solid ground lol!
He could always be found laying in Sierras' bed, in one of the dog beds, or even in the forbidden spot, Papas' recliner, lol. As he did before, he would go to the door to ask to go out then meow at the door when he returned.
He enjoyed playing with Grandma's doggies and getting them riled up. Or even often would lay stretched out looking lazy as usual only to jinx us and try to paw at the feet of any person that walked past.
He had such a loving heart. He was always there for Sierra to calm her anxiety, for Ravyn to be her napping buddy after a rough day, for Silver and JJ he was content to accept their love when they wanted to cuddle and love him. But just like a cat, they both gave him love on their terms and when they wanted. Of course Brian would happily then flop over on his side to say, "Ok, I'm ready to let you to love me human!"
For myself, he was there to cuddle close when tears rolled down my cheeks and often had a look of sadness like he felt my pain and wanted to say it would be ok.
We know Brian wouldn't want us crying and sad that he is gone but he was more than a pet to us, he was family. We even celebrated his 1st birthday with a special tuna cake and sang Happy birthday him.
He crossed the Rainbow bridge long before we were ready, but all of us hold a special piece of him in our hearts. He will always be loved and never forgotten.
We hope wherever the Rainbow has led you, that you are happy and can still feel our love buddy. This is not Goodbye but only So long, until we meet again.




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