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In loving memory of Tito

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Born:June 29, 2005
Died:August 14, 2017
Tito is a very loyal little black furred cockatzu who've we had for 12 years and 2 months. He was a tough little one who rarely had any sickness/diseases at all, until his very last month when he was diagnosed with kidney failure. He was a very intelligent, obedient and protective little one towards his owners. He barks and bites anyone who he feels threaten his owners, but he is still a kind soul who lets other animals share his food. He never failed to touch all of our lives and have shared the ups & downs with the family. It was an unexpected loss for the family and we are devastated by his loss. He was one of a kind and definitely irreplaceable.


Little Tito that always tries to sneak into the house
Added by Anonymous

His superdog outfit while he goes for his walk
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