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Born:June 1, 2012
Ft Myers, FL
Died:May 16, 2017
Salem, Ma

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Paisley was an exceptional furbaby and companion. She was used as a bait dog for dog fights and had bites all over her when she entered our lives. We loved her, cuddled her and gave her the best life we could to hopefully make up for the mean people who had her previously. Her tail would wag so fast you could hardly see it when she saw someone walking towards her. She couldn't wait to say hello. She was a world traveler who loved the beach and the snow. She would dive into drifts of snow and come up with a mouthful. She had a cute little potty dance where she ran in circles before she squatted. She loved chewing branches and most all all her snacks or treats. What she loved most though, aside from her outside time, was the car ride with her daddies. That was a real treat for her. She also really enjoyed her nap time with daddy. She would cuddle real close always.

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