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Born:October 1, 2005
London, UK
Died:May 6, 2017
This is Miss Sheridan Rabbit and I chose to write my own tribute a few weeks before I passed. 
I am beautiful, funny, and fun and have heaps of personality. I will remain in the present tense because my vibrant energy will never dissipate. I have had a wonderful life… I am a world traveler with dual nationality and have resided in London, UK, as well as in several homes in Montgomery County, Maryland. I have stolen most of the physical space from and all of the hearts of those I have resided with, especially that of my co-conspirator and bond-mate of 10 years Stasi and my human parents. I am also dear to my extended family and have some good human friends too.
Boy do I have attitude! I have spent my life amazing people with my unique beauty and then manipulating them into doing my bidding. I love attention and I am excellent at getting and maintaining it. I am also a lot of fun. I love playing hide and seek and I love head-butting. I can be quite sassy… You should hear me stomp! When I get annoyed I run away and stomp loudly and fiercely. I also know how to get tastier meals whenever I want them – I simply refuse anything else and scare Mommy into treating me. Hee, hee, hee, hee!!! I have enjoyed so many delicious berries and other tasty treats with this tactic.
I am a particularly hairy rabbit. It is suspected that I am half Angora. Mommy has to trim my hairs often so I don’t become a ball of white fur.
What else? I am a published writer, I have been written about, and I have been in several calendars.
I am extremely content with the long and wonderful life I have lived and I choose to end it on a high note.
Love to you all,
Miss Sheridan Rabbit
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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
Hopping Across The Sea.doc
Miss Sheridan Rabbit - author!
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Personal Notes

For my darling little girl... I miss you with everything that I am. Here's a quote for you, my beautiful cloud. Love forever, Mommy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "What were the skies like when you were young? Purple, red, yellow and on fire… You might still see them. Little fluffy clouds in the moon." -The Orb
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You will be greatly missed. Your mom loved you very much and cherished all of the time you spent together. Thank you for letting me take care of you I always enjoyed spending time with you and Stasi. I'm sure you are eating as much apple as you can find over the rainbow bridge. ????????????

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You were named for a black and white Irish liqueur, so I always thought of you as an Irish rabbit with a Puerto Rican Mom! Watership Down convinced me there is a bunny heaven...I'm sure you're there, sweet girl.
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Goodby dearer than daughter, my little Archway girl. I love you forever, sweet, sweet Sheridan. BDR
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Hi Annie,

Please have my sympathy for the lost of your dear pet Sheridan. I remember this cute little bunny from when we first met at St. Dunstan's in 2007. Sheridan lived a long life, was loved and well taken care of by my hard working, responsible dear friend, and will be sorely missed.



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sheridan has the soul of an iron lion. sometimes when I face a death in my life I wonder what the being might experience in whatever possible next thing there is but with sheridan I felt no doubt or concern. she is gonna be the boss there too wherever she ends up.
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I met you when you were just a baby immigrant to the US, you were so little - as your life became fuller - you grew into your beautiful self. Miss Sheridan Rabbit, you are certainly missed. Do you know just how much you are loved by so many? Of course you do, I read your tribute and you are as smart as you are hairy. My favorite story about you is how you would rediscover fresh hay and treats - each time as if the first time. That is how much you are loved and missed -- as though every day is a new discovery that your big personality and kind soul is significant to so many. Miss Sheridan Rabbit - forever this is true - Sheridan Rabbit is missed. (And don't forget to check on your mommy are remind her you still hop along side her!) xox
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Beautiful Miss Sheridan! I loved my weekends with you in Rockville, I will never forget them. Just watching you filled me with an intense joy that is hard to explain. I feel honored to have been part of your life, and I miss you terribly. I think about you often and celebrate a wonderful life lived to the fullest.
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