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Forever in my heart

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Born:June 24, 2000
Died:March 28, 2017
FL at home
Patches was given to me as a present from my daughter. From the beginning, it was love at first sight. As he aged, he was more affectionate, but when he was younger he was very independent and only gave affection when he wanted to. We have been through so much together moving from IL to TN to FL. I and Patches have been through quite a bit in our almost 17 years together. When I got here to FL I had to have him fostered because I lived with my sister who was allergic to him, however, God saw fit that I got him back. Thank you, God, for allowing me to have such a loving companion for so many years, even though there is a hole in my heart right now because I miss him so much. I know one day I will be with him and all the ones I have lost, in paradise.


Love Fest
Added by Teresa

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