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Tifa' Lockhart Richards
In Loving Memory

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Born:July 8, 1997
Detroit, Michigan
Died:February 27, 2017
Detroit, Michigan
Tifa' was a sweet loving rescue cat. She had a unique colour pattern and vocal pattern. She was always a laid back "background" type cat. But, her personality traits were strong and visible. She was a loving home companion to everyone of her stablemates. She loved her owner/mate Anthony Tsar with great passion. She always insisted on laying on any of his clothes he set out to wear the next day. She left her tell-tale fur on it. Hence "marking" him as all hers... She was loving and affectionate all of her life. She NEVER had to be disciplined for any reason. She was the PERFECT cat in so many ways.

She'll be eternally missed by Anthony Tsar, Her bosom buddy ISIS, Housemates: Aja', Chyna, and Kai'
She'll always be remembered for being the oldest lived cat at the Richards residence.



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Daddy LOVES you Tifa' Lockhart Richards, RIP <3
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